Alta Sierra Elementary

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It’s Yearbook Time!


The Parent Teacher Committee is now taking orders for full-color yearbooks.


Cost is only $17.20

Order by April 21 for FREE delivery to the school.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun and Memories!


Two FREE Personalized Pages

Every student’s yearbook can be custom-made for them!


Order your yearbook on-line and add personal highlights of the school year.



Don’t Forget the Dedication!

Create and dedicate a section to your child, a special teacher or commemorate a bound-to-be-lifelong friendship.

These pages will be seen in everyone’s yearbook, and cannot be ordered on-line

Click on file "2016 - YearbookOrderForm.pdf" below



 Deadline for artwork / pictures / dedication words and payment is MARCH 17.

⅛ page = $10     ¼ page = $15     ½ page = $20     Full Page = $35


Click on file "2016 - YearbookOrderForm.pdf" below