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First day of school is August 15, 2017

Norovirus Prevention and Care

This is Superintendent Rusty Clark with an important message for the families and staff of Pleasant Ridge Union School District.

We have been notified that a couple of students within our district who went home today with symptoms that may be Norovirus.  Norovirus is often called the "stomach flu".  Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms.  Norovirus is very contagious and people with the illness should stay home until 48 hours after they no longer experience vomiting or diarrhea.  

The best protection against Norovirus is frequent hand washing, refraining from sharing food and drink with others and keeping hands away from your face and mouth.

We have implemented a cleaning protocol on the affected areas of the campus for the health and safety of all students.  Cleaning protocol as well as signs and symptoms of Norovirus is on the handout attached to the e-mail message that accompanies this voice mail. 

If your students shows symptoms of Norovirus please keep him/her home and inform the your child’s school office immediately.

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