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Welcome to Alta Sierra School Where Eagles Soar!
Fourth grade field trip
STEAM winners

STEAM Winners

Creating Art

Creating Art

Learning about the mail system.
Kindergartners learning about the mail system.
Classroom reading times.
Enjoying the spring weather!

Enjoying the spring weather!

Garden crafts.
Puppet shows.
Kindergarten birdhouse building.
Making wreaths.

Making wreaths.

Art at Rood Center
Art displayed at Rood Center
Kindergarten birdhouse building.
Kindergarten birdhouse building.
Superhero Day!
Kindergarten birdhouse building.

Kindergarten birdhouse building.

Superhero Day!
5th grade
Monsters Inc. - Staff
Staff dresses like Mr. Mike for Superhero Day.

Staff dresses like Mr. Mike for Superhero Day!

2nd grade 2016
Halloween Parade - 5th graders
Wall of fun
Halloween parade - running!
Hello, you surprised me
Jag-a-thon - part deux
The grand stage
Jog-a-thon - still going
Jog-a-ton - cooling down
Arts in class!
Wild, wild woods
Pet art
Working outdoors
Art wall (2)
Halloween - 2015 edition
Water coloring
Loads of stuff!
Tie-dye time?
Outdoor studying
Soaking in the sun
Late LeGrand Nectarine
Let's paint...outdoors!
Ms. Rath's class, 2014
Sheriffs on horses
Holidays in the MPR
Thumbs up!
Signs for the garden.
Tree wall art
Wee calf
Earth wall art
Large painting
Ms. Baker's class of yesteryear
Let's grill!
Ali(son) and Wonderland
Take a bow!
Forest costumes
Produce cart
Tasty Thanksgiving meal
Veggies for all!
Reach for the sky!

News & Announcements

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STEAM Winners


Five of our 5th grade students participated in the count STEAM expo in March.
Carlie Harwood, Logan Van Bourgondien and Dustin Philpot toured AJA Video Systems and then took the TechTest Jr. Carlie Harwood placed first in the group.

Carley Harwood, Landon Highsmith and Gina Genovese competed in the team math section. They worked for several weeks during lunch and afterschool to solve a multistep math problem and present a complete solution for display. The team took home the SILVER medal.
Great job Eagles!

Young at Art!

Looking for something to do during spring break? Visit the Young at Art display at the Nevada County Eric Rood Government Center. Student art work from Alta Sierra and many county schools is on display.

Mrs. Kelley!

Mrs. Kelley

Every year, each school chooses a teacher to be recognized as the Teacher Who Makes a Difference. This year, we have chosen Mrs. Kerry Kelley.
Mrs. Kelley is our teacher for transitional kindergarten and intervention. She has taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade for the district. I am sure that each of her 31 classes, 25 of which have been in the Pleasant Ridge School District, have expressed the same gratitude for her care and compassion. What is the first thing her co-workers say when asked about Mrs. Kelley? They all note how much she loves children and how kind she is to everyone. She approaches all of her teaching duties with a positive energy. She is the first to volunteer to keep an after school homework club afloat, be the PTC rep or round up support for a colleague or a family in need. She has offered sincere and kind guidance to me in my first year as principal for which I am ever grateful. I asked her TK students what they think of their teacher. The most common words used were: 1. Helps 2. Loves 3. Hugs. That pretty much says it all about Mrs. Kelley.

Kindle Contest Winners

The Higgins Diggins Lions Club supports our students with a reading incentive contest. For 30 days, students read and take A.R. tests. For every test passed, each student gets a ticket to put into a drawing for a Kindle. The Lion's donate one Kindle per grade level so there are 5 winners. Kelli Brooding, our librarian, reported that we had a 99% participation rate! That is AWESOME! She was so excited to acknowledge all of the readers, she secured funds from our PTC to purchase 18 gift certificates from The Book Seller in Grass Valley to reward even more readers.

The winners are:
1st -Khloe August
2nd -Kiara Glaspey
3rd -Nolan Heyl
4th -Curtis Huntsinger
5th -Madison Hughes

Book Seller certificate Winners:
Kava Moody
Dayzi McCoy
Claire Loveless
Anthony Bower
Mina Evans
Jacklynn Anderson
Ella Northup
Sean Kinney
Zack Rogers
Tim Pratt
Rudy Perez
Evelyn Burke
Curtis Huntsinger
Bella Thompson
Josh Sayre
Clara Heer
Madeline Meredith
Jelani George

Principal's Message

Talking to Your Kids
You pick your child up from school and ask what he did that day, and the answer is, “I don’t know” or, “Nothing.”  It’s much easier to say, ‘I don’t know" than describe the whole day.  

To help your child, ask specific questions that include a prompt, like, “What did you like better today, snack time or circle time?”  More general questions, such as, “Who did you play with?” or, “Did you sing any songs today?” can help them focus and relate their feelings and stories.

If your kid does mention something negative from her day, you should of course show concern, but make sure you don’t overreact.  Kids sometimes shut down based on your reactions.  A kid will have a fine day, but one thing happened that they’re upset about. You hear this and panic. If you show alarm on your face, your child might stop sharing this type of information, thinking it makes you too upset. Instead, empathize with your son, tell him how crummy it must have felt to have that toy grabbed from him, and then move on.

With some kids, starting to ask questions as soon as you pick them up may be a mistake. Don’t start an interrogation as soon as you arrive for pickup or the moment you all walk in the front door.  Spend a few minutes reconnecting with your kid just by being present. If you say something simple like, ‘Hey bud, I missed you. Let me take your backpack,’ chances are he’ll start to open up.

When you’re shuttling your kid from school to an activity and then home for dinner and homework, or you’re working full-time and don’t see your kid until 6 p.m., you might find it hard to fit in a few minutes to connect. Work some parent-kid time into your day, like right after dinner. Sitting down to do a focused activity together—even just 10 minutes of coloring or a puzzle—can create that space where your kid starts to feel like talking.   I learned the most from my children while on short drives into town or just to drive to look at the river.   Consider sharing a few details from your own day to encourage conversation This also teaches kids that everyone has good days and bad days, no matter how old you are.

Keep in mind that if you ignore or brush off your kid when she is rattling on about the latest video game or a funny thing that happened in her classroom that day, you’re missing an opportunity to show you are a good listener.  If she sees you are not listening, she will stop talking.

Open communication will help you build a deep relationship with your children.  When troubles inevitably arise, a solid foundation of trust and knowledge will allow for quick recognition and resolution.

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