Alta Sierra Elementary

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Principal's Message

Getting back in the swing.
Coming back to school is exciting for kids.  They have so much to share and so much to do with friends and classmates.
Students will react in many ways to the first days of school.  If your little one is reluctant to leave the car, don't stress.  They have gotten used to the summer routine and need a little time to adjust to school routines.  Make extra time in your morning to come early and walk them to the playground.  Talk to them about what the day may hold and that you will be anxious to hear all about it that afternoon.  Let them know that you are going to leave at a certain time like when the bell rings or after meeting with a friend.  Most kids just need a little assurance that Mom or Dad is ok with separation too.
If your student is having a difficult time separating, it is a good idea to say your good byes outside of the classroom.  Let the teacher know that your child is reluctant to leave you.  In front of the teacher, without going inside, go over the end of day routine with them. "You will have so much to tell me about when I pick you up.  I can't wait."  Then a quick hug and hand them off to the teacher.  99% of the time this is all it takes.  I have had students that had to say their goodbyes in the office but that is rare.  
Be sure to take the time to talk about their day each and every night.  This allows for a sense of security and calm as we all make the adjustments to the beginning of school.