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All about Mrs. Kelley

I feel so happy to say I have loved my last 31 years of teaching! Each grade level I've taught (1st-5th) has brought such a unique joy, but I have to admit I am over the moon loving my new teaching experience in Transitional Kindergarten! This is my third year working with TKers. Their enthusiasm for life and eagerness to take in the world around them makes them a joy to be with each day! I am one very lucky teacher!

A little about myself:
I moved to California in 1989, and besides two years teaching in Indonesia, I've been so happy to call Grass Valley home. Education is a family thing, because my husband, Tom, is a high school counselor. I have three grown children (Brian, Kyle and Kaity) who have fond memories from the years they also spent at Alta Sierra School!  We love the mountains and being at the ocean as well. Time away from school usually takes us one place or the other. In the winter I love snowboarding, and during the summer time camping and finding trails to walk are some of my favorite things!

Recent Posts

Week of September 19th-22nd

I hope you had a nice three-day weekend together! The county-wide professional development day went really well! As a teacher, I love knowing you never stop learning!

 We had a great four days together! We had lots of practice with Lizzy Lizard and the letter L. We also had fun getting our fingers and hands in the paint to find out what makes green, orange and purple. Plus we were scientists today! Ask your little scientist what we did with a cardboard box, white plate, cup of water and a round row of Skittles. What happened?

 If you haven’t had a chance to log into the Sign-up Genius email that came your way on Tuesday for a parent-teacher conference time, please do so when you can. It’s not the end of the trimester yet, but it will give us a chance to talk about the wonderful things your little TKer is learning and what we can do to help him/her continue to succeed.

 Dates to Remember:

THIS COMING FRIDAY – Jog-a-Thon (September 29th) @ 10:30 am. Everyone who has a signed permission slip gets to be part of the Color Run the last couple laps! If you have a chance to be there that would be great! We always need cheerleaders, water-bottle squirters, and lap markers!

 Fall Break (October 16th – 20th) – NO SCHOOL


Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday) is library day. Have your TKer put their book in their backpack tonight, so they can check out a fun, new book tomorrow.

Sept. 4th-8th

This was another great week in TK! After a long three-day weekend it was fun coming back Tuesday. We went to see what was in the garden-cart first thing in the morning, and there were so many fresh vegetables for us to try! We tasted a special vegetable called a ground cherry, and some of our TKers even tasted a Nasturtium flower! Later that day Sierra Harvest gave us our own Asian Pear to try, and all but two of our friends decided they LOVED them! Everyone looked fabulous for our school picture day. This week we also got to bring home our first library book. Remind your cutie to bring their book back to school to put in our library bucket by next Wednesday, so she/he can check out a new book. We've been having fun with rainbows this week and were surprised today to find rainbows when we looked through sunshine benders (prisms)! Ask your TKer to sing you the Rainbow Song.
Dates to Remember:
TONIGHT - Free Movie Night out on the field. Starts at 7:20 pm. Bring a blanket and a dollar or two if you'd like to buy a treat.
Teacher Professional Development - Monday, Sept. 18th - NO SCHOOL
Jog-A-Thon - Friday, Sept. 29th @10:30 on the field (Color Run this year!)
Fall Break - Oct. 16th-20th - NO SCHOOL

Picture Day

 Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is picture day at 8:05 am for our TKers.

Aug. 28th-Sept. 1st

 We had another great week! To beat the heat, and still get lots of gross motor play time, we went outside early each day this week and it worked out well! We had fun with our shape song and poem (ask about Uncle Rectangle), and we made some awesome birthday crowns to get ready for lots of birthdays coming soon! We've been practicing the sounds and actions of our Zoo Phonics friends from A - N, and it would be great if you let your TKer teach them to you! (Our back-to-school packet has all our Zoo Phonics friends and actions, just in case.)
Have a great three day weekend!
Upcoming dates to remember:
Labor Day - Monday, Sept. 4th - NO SCHOOL
Picture Day - Wednesday, Sept. 6th @ 8:05 am
Family Outdoor Movie Night - Friday evening, Sept. 8th on the field
Teacher Profession Development - Monday, Sept. 18th - NO SCHOOL
Jog-A-Thon - Friday, Sept. 29th @ 10:30 on the field (Color Run this year!)
Fall Break - Oct. 16th-20th - NO SCHOOL

August 21-25th

 The eclipse was a success! Our eclipse glasses fit us perfectly. We got to watch the moon hide part of the sun from the beginning, to the middle, and all the way to the end. Hopefully your TKer told you all about it!
This week we got really good at making AB patterns, building mat man with our friends on the carpet, learning more about some of our Zoo Phonics friends (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H). We've also been reviewing shapes (circle and square this week) with songs, sorting, and painting.
Below are some dates to remember:
Book Fair Visit Time - Thursday, August 31st @ 10:30 (also open just before  
                                    and after Back to School Night)
Back to School Night - Thursday, August 31st @ 6:00 (Room K)
Labor Day - Monday, September 4th (no school)
Jog-A-Thon - Friday, September 29th @ 10:30 on the field
Have a great weekend!

Great First Week of TK!

 We had a great first week of TK! We learned a fun song about Mat Man that helps us remember all the important parts of our body. We also learned a song that helps us start our letters at the top. We've started learning how to write our name like big kids with a capital at the beginning and little letters for all the rest. We are learning new things during group time and are changing groups like pros.
Monday is a special day! We get to see the solar eclipse with our awesome glasses we looked at today (NASA and National Astronomical Society approved). Because of this special event, our day will be a little different. We'll have outside play early, before any part of the eclipse begins. (Eclipse will be seen in our area from 9:02-11:38 am). Then we'll come in and get an early peek of the eclipse during our group time. We'll make sure we're finished with groups by about 10:00, so we can all see the fullest part of the eclipse at about 10:17 am. During our choice time, we'll get to go out a few at a time to see the final part of the eclipse. We talked about the eclipse today, but to keep the comfort level as high as possible it would be great if you could continue talking about it over the week (moon passing over sun/dark for a little bit/sunshine coming back soon).  I was able to purchase the glasses  for $2.50 a piece. Parents club will be giving our classroom $240 for special events like this, but so much of the year is left and so many fun things are ahead of us. If you are able to donate $2.50 for these glasses, thank you so much! You can send it to school with your TKer in an envelope on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you again so much!
Back to School Night - Thursday, August 31 @ 6:00 pm
Picture Day - Wednesday, September 6 @ 8:05 am