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Eagles are Kind, Responsible, and Respectful

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

 Answers to: How can I...
~ Guide my kids to make decisions - including about serious issues?
~ Learn about/adjust to the changing world of my child?
~ Avoid arguments and power struggles?
~ Address negative behaviors & emotions during this turbulent time?
~ Get my kids to be responsible with chores, homework and more?
~ Help my kids resist peer pressure and other preadolescent temptations?

...And many other day-to-day middle school parenting challenges. This course provides simple solutions and practical techniques to help you with your preteens. It helps you to understand this developmental age, raise responsible kids, have more fun in your parenting role, and strengthen your relationship with your kids. Tested—and trusted—for over 35 years. Classes are interactive and engaging: You’ll laugh while you learn!
View the attached flyer for more details on the classes being offered on our Magnolia campus!

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