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Eagles are Kind, Responsible, and Respectful

Reading the morning announcements


100th day of school hats.  

Food Drive
Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Kindness Ninjas!


Halloween Parade 2018


Halloween Parade

Science Night
Science Night
Science Night
Science Night
Farm Cart
first day
last day of school
Engineering a cardboard fort

Mrs. Cornejo's Clay Suns

Our local fire fighters visiting our school
Mrs. Sypnicki Career Day
Mrs. Sypnicki Career Day
career day

Principal Caprio!  Career Day


2nd Place at STEAM Expo math problem solving.

Science Night

Family Science Night

Science Night

Family Science Night

Pancake Breakfast

PTC Pancake Breakfast 2017

Science Night

Family Science Night

Science Night
Science Night
Science Night
Science Night
Mrs. Hollister
Throwing Waterballoon
Waiting to water balloon Mr. Bivens

Waiting to water balloon Mr. Bivens

Mrs. Kelley
Many water balloons!

Water balloons for bringing in $50 or more from Jog a thon pledges


Farm Day 2017


PTC Movie Night - 2017

Classroom reading times.
Enjoying the spring weather!

Enjoying the spring weather!

Monsters Inc. - Staff
Staff dresses like Mr. Mike for Superhero Day.

Staff dresses like Mr. Mike for Superhero Day!

Pet art

News & Announcements

Butte Strong - Help a Neighbor (watch the video by clicking on VIDEO lower right of web page)


Paradise schools have had to establish alternate campuses following the devastating Camp Fire. While generous donations have flowed in and staff have the basics, there are still more needs to fill.

We want to encourage all of our Alta Sierra Community to donate to those schools at the following web site:

Make a note that this donation is from the community of Alta Sierra and lets see how much we can raise to help these dedicated teachers and staff.

The Butte County Office of Education created the Schools Fire Relief Fund to provide a one-stop location where individuals or organizations could provide support directly to schools in Butte County.

More Info
BCOE will allocate donations to school districts in an amount proportional to the number of students that lost homes within those districts. Schools will have the discretion to spend this money as they see fit once they receive it

The NED Show!


The NED Show is a character education program that centers around three important messages that have life long relevance:
Never give up
Encourage others
Do your best

During the assembly, students will learn about NED’s three messages while also enjoying storytelling, magic, and humor.

They will be coming to our campus Wednesday February 6th
If you would like more information on this program follow the link below.

Please be safe in the upper drop off area


The upper drop off circle is a NO PARKING ZONE.
Stay in your car to drop off or pickup students.
If you need to park, there is a parking area adjacent to the pickup area.
Drop off or load students along the curb only. It is unsafe to load or unload in the second lane.
Be patient. We all have places to be so smile, breathe and work together.

Principal's Message

Do you ever watch your child and wonder if other kids act the same way?  Do you worry that you are the only ones struggling with math or reading or generally getting along with your kids?  
It is a great idea to join one of our Love and Logic Parenting groups!  These opportunities are so validating for parents with children of any age.  Parenting is a tough job but it can be made a little easier when you have other parents for support.  Love and Logic classes happen three times a year and last for 8 weeks.  Contact the school office for information.
Now if you would rather read more words of wisdom, here they are:
During the middle years of your youngster's childhood, many changes will oc­cur within the family. Your child is more independent than before, better able to care for herself, and more capable of contributing to chores and other household responsibilities. Most families discover that routines can be established, and in many ways life seems more settled. However, youngsters still need parental supervision and guidance.
During the middle childhood years, parents have two tasks that are espe­cially important. The first is learning to allow and encourage your child to en­ter the new world of school and friends alone. The second is learning to be parents at a distance. Once children enter school, parents spend less than half as much time with them as they did before. Parents thus need to be more efficient, more vigilant, and still very much involved in their children's lives in or­der to monitor, guide, and support them effectively.

School assumes a central role in your youngster's life when she reaches the age of five or six, drawing much of her attention and energy away from the family unit. Her elementary-school years can become a time of enormous satisfaction and excitement. As she learns to read and master other academic skills, she will develop a love of learning and a pride in her achievements. This can con­tribute to her self-esteem, not only because of her accomplishments in the classroom but also as she separates successfully from the home environment. In the process her teacher can become a source of support and an important role model in her life.
For some children, however, school may cause frustration and stress. Learn­ing disabilities can interfere with the joy of learning. Poor study habits and/or a lack of motivation can create academic difficulties. Sometimes youngsters may have a poor relationship with their teachers, or they may experience sep­aration anxiety that can interfere with their school attendance.
To make your own child's education as positive and productive as possible, closely monitor her academic progress and social adjustment, and get to know her teacher. Discuss with your child what she is learning in the classroom and how she feels about school. Encourage her to demonstrate her newly learned skills and to practice them with you. Supervise your child's homework (but don't do it for her), and make sure she is preparing herself well for tests. Limit the amount of television she watches and encourage her to read, write, and ex­press herself creatively through hobbies and sports. If she (or her teacher) re­ports any problem areas, communicate openly with school personnel, and try to figure out how best to help your youngster overcome her difficulties. Con­sult your pediatrician for suggestions to help solve these problems.

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