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Technology Home & FAQ

Welcome to the Alta Sierra technology pages! To the right (or down below if you are on a mobile device) is a list of pages that you may find helpful. Technology staff will be updating these pages periodically to try and ensure accuracy.
Below are a few answers to our frequently asked questions (FAQ).
There are a few options available to parents/students whose school-issued devices are giving them issues.
  1. They can contact their child's teacher, who can then pass along the relevant information to technology staff (if necessary).
  2. They can fill out the Chromebook is missing/broken form and a staff member will get back to them with the next steps. Lost or Damaged Chromebook form
The above form can also be found on the Missing or Damaged Chromebook page linked in the side menu (or bottom menu for mobile users).
Please see the Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips page for more information on do-it-yourself diagnosis and potential remedies.
Why yes! You will note a plethora of tutorials on the Google matrix that is linked in the side menu (here is a direct link). And each non-Google app -- and there are many -- usually has a help link baked right into it. For example, in GoMath there is a small "Help" link right next to the "Log out" link, which is toward the upper right corner of the initial start page.
GoGuardian Admin is one of our Internet filters. It is Google account-based (i.e. its policies are applied whenever students sign into their school Google account) and is used to help keep students safe and on task when they are on a school device. If your student encounters a screen that says "Restricted by your school IT administrator" -- that is GoGuardian doing its job! For more information, please see our GoGuardian pages.