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Principal's Message

Talking to your kids makes them smarter!  
Its not so much the quantity of words that you exchange with your children, it is the quality of interaction between parents and young children that predicts language skills.  And language skills are strongly linked to reading.  Our brains are built for language but we have to train our brains specifically for reading.
An easy thing to add to your parenting is to be aware of how you are answering your child's questions. For example, if a child asks the question, “Why is there a battery?,” a simple answer could be, “To make it work.” That’s not wrong but it’s not very informative.   A more detailed response may be “The battery is there to give the toy power. When the batteries are connected to these buttons, then the toy will work because it has power.   Students that receive detailed answers remember the answer and apply it to future problems.   
So please, reduce hand held screen time and have conversations with your children.  The word deficit used to only be seen in lower income demographics but we are seeing this same deficit at all income levels.   Kids behind screens are listening but not interacting.  Language development requires interaction.
Social Media?  More like anti-social media.
If you are thinking about adding social media for your child, please reconsider!  Social media is directly linked to depression in youth, especially young girls.  I have heard of it called being "Alone on the Phone".  A former Facebook employee testified before Congress that the company's social media platforms are dangerous for children, often leading to depression and anxiety.