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Calling All Mystery Readers!

We've been fortunate to have a Mystery Reader each Friday since school began. That will end this week without your help! If you are available to join us this or any other Friday, please sign up using the Mystery Reader link in the sidebar, where you will also find more information. The kids look forward to ending their weeks with a guest and a great book. I hope you are able to take part in this special activity with your child and his/her class. Have a great week.

Reminder: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Please take a look at your calendar and schedule a time during conference week for us to sit down and talk about your child's strengths and how we can work as a team to help him/her grow. 

Spelling Practice Strategies

Today's Thursday envelope includes last Friday's spelling test. There were many good scores on this difficult list - great job preparing. This week's list (1.4) will be tested next Friday (9/29) due to the day off on Monday, so there is plenty of time left to prepare. If these early tests have proven to be a challenge for your child, consider some of the following strategies, in addition to the practice that takes place at school:
  • - we now have the premium membership, with loads of games and practice activities. AR login/password needed
  • flash card practice - each time through, separate the words your child is confident with from those that need more practice - you might consider placing these or a sticky note in frequented places - above homework area, on the mirror where teeth are brushed, the refrigerator...
  • basketball: call out a word and have your child bounce a ball as he/she says each letter
  • illustrate the 2-4 words that seem the most challenging, and hang them up for the week (we did this in the computer lab last week)
  • practice test (maybe Wednesday, so you know which words to focus on the next two days)

Reminder: School Pictures tomorrow

Tomorrow we will have our school pictures taken. Be sure to send your kids to school dressed to match their smiles! We are scheduled to have photos taken just before lunch. Have a great afternoon and week.

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Please take a look at your calendar and schedule a time during conference week for us to sit down and talk about your child's strengths and how we can work as a team to help him/her grow. 

Today's Homework

Today's math homework is lesson 1.2. I reduced/modified it enough that I'm making this post in case clarification is necessary. For problems 4-12, the following changes should apply (the rest of the assignment should be completed as written):
Skip # 5, 8, 11
Round to the nearest ten only: #4, 7, 10 (we completed #7 in class together)
Round to the nearest hundred only: #6, 9, 12 (we completed #12 in class together).
Today students received a 1/2 sheet checklist for rounding to keep in their homework folder - please remind them of this if they are having difficulty.
Reading Journal Reminder - each day (M-Th), students should read for a minimum of 20 minutes at their reading level, then complete their reading journal (title, author, minutes, 3-4 plot details). You can refer to the blue page at the beginning of the journal to see 4 example entries we completed together in class.
Thank you for all you do to support your child's learning. Have a great afternoon.

Welcome to Room 8


What a great day we had in Room 8. I am excited to begin a new school year with the students and families. I look forward to partnering with you in the education of your child. I will frequently update this site with classroom and school announcements, upcoming events, etc., so check in frequently. Please take time to look through the contents of today's "Thursday" envelope, as well as the links on our site - I'm happy to clarify or answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to click "subscribe" from our classroom home page - you will then receive posts and updates on the day they are made.

Eclipse: We have purchased a pair of eclipse viewing glasses for each student. The price worked out to be about $2.50 per pair. Please consider contributing towards these glasses for your child and/or classmates. I'll have an envelope near the door of the classroom. We'll prepare for Monday's eclipse with science lessons this week.

Pennant Request


It is so important that we help our students to have big plans for their current and future success. In many cases, this involves attending a college or university, and it's not to early to plant the seeds for these dreams in third grade. Today when the kids came to our rug area, the pennants were one of the first things that caught their attention and stimulated conversation. I would like to encourage this with classroom decor. If you or a family member attended (or are affiliated with in any way) a college or university, please consider donating a pennant to Room 8. I know this will be a collection that takes a while (years!) to develop, but it will be worthwhile in the questions and investigations that are stimulated in children.