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Welcome to our class web page! 


Welcome To Mrs. Cornejo's class!

We are having a terrific first few weeks getting to know each other and sharing our fabulous summer experiences. Your children have adjusted nicely to the school routine, and their eagerness for learning is amazing! It is going to be a wonderful year!
Check Weekly Posts for our most current classroom information.
I look forward to an INCREDIBLE year with you!


Thank you so much!!!  If you are receiving this e-mail you have subscribed to my web page.  Thank you!!


Regular Homework


*Read 20 minutes and record. Reading logs are due Friday.
*Practice Spelling words. Test on Friday. 

*Math- We are working in our Math Book and using  Xtra Math facts practice on the computer


Extra Practice with our math concepts can be found online using the ISE under "Things to Do" and Skill Sets found in the "Library", click on the "Lady in the Red Hat." You can find these helpful web based tools on Student Links under "Think Central." The children have been practicing how to access these helpful tools in our computer lab, so they should be able to show you how to log on to the program.


Please check over your child’s math homework daily for accuracy and completeness. Studies show students learn better when they are given the opportunity to verbalize the steps taken to solve problems. Please allow your child this golden opportunity each evening when completing the math homework to explain to you their logic on a few select problems. If you notice error, you will be able to catch it quickly before it becomes a habit difficult to break. Some of the concepts may seem tricky, so please know ANY strategy you show your child that works is worth learning and sharing in math class.


Xtra Math Fact practice is expected to be completed daily for points. If your child completes facts for 5 days/week they will receive 10 points (A+) for the week, 4 days = 9 points (A-), 3 days = 8 points(B-), 2 days = 7 points(C-), 1 day = 6 points(D-).

When practicing spelling words, it  helps to break the words down into parts (syllables) and focus on the sounds of each part. Please try out Spelling City. Your child will need to register first before they play. It might be helpful to have them use their regular school username and password:

Spelling Ideas to try at home:

  •   ABC order: Write your words in alphabetical order.
  •   Word Sort: Sort your words by vowel sounds, patterns, syllables, etc.
  •   Repetition: Write your words 3 times each
  •   Sentences: Write a sentence for each
  • spelling word.
  •   Word Art: Draw a picture and write your
  • words in the picture.
  •   Story time: Write a short story using all
  • your words.
  •   Creative Letters: Write your words by magazine and glue them on a paper.
  • cutting out letters in an old newspaper or
  •   Pyramid: Write your words adding or will be a pyramid shape of words.
  • subtracting one letter at a time. The result
  •   Good Clean Words: Write your words in surface that can be cleaned safely.
  • shaving cream on a counter or some other
  •   Handwriting: Write each word 3 times in
  • your best handwriting.
  •   Cheer your words: Pretend you are a
  • cheerleader and call out your words!
  •   Sound Words: Use a tape recorder and
  • record your words and their spelling. Then listen to your tape, checking to see that you spelled all the words correctly.
  •   Choo-Choo Words: Write the entire list end-to-end as one long word, using different colors of crayon or ink for different words.
  •   Flashwriting: In a darkened room, use a flashlight to draw letters in the air.
  •   Timer: Get a timer. Set it for 3 minutes. See how many times you can write your words before the timer goes off.
  •   Scramble: Have a parent scramble your spelling words. You unscramble them.

Chalk: Write your words outside using sidewalk chalk.

Letters: Write each word as many times as there are letters in the word.

Out loud: Spell your words out loud 2 times to a brother or sister, mom or dad.

Trace Around: Print your spelling words neatly. Take a colored pen and draw an outline around the word, closely following the shapes of the letters. Close your eyes and remember the shape.

Colorful Words: Use two different color pens to write your spelling words. Use one color to write the consonants and the other for the vowels.

Military spelling: Do jumping jacks, as you clap say a letter to spell your words.

Finger Tracing: Use your finger to spell out each of your words one letter at a time on your Mom or Dad‛s back. Then it‛s YOUR turn to feel and spell. Try to guess the word.

Practice Test: Have an adult give you a practice test.

Scratch n' Sniff: Write letters with glue on paper, and then sprinkle with Jell-O. Makes a super scratch n' Sniff when tracing over the letters.

Computer Words: Have your child type their spelling words ten times each on the computer. Use different colors and fonts and print it out!

Words-in-words: Write your word and then write at least 2 words made from each.

Snap and Spell: Snap on each letter, clap when you say the word at the end.

Create an activity: Can you think of a fun way to do your spelling activities? Try it out.




2017-18 School Year...Looking ahead:


Wednesday, August 23 Informational Band Meeting For Parents At Magnolia School @ 6:30pm

Tuesday, August 29- Instrument Fittings at Alta Sierra

Thursday, August 31- BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT

Thursday, August 31- Instrument Fittings at Alta Sierra

Monday, September 4 - Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, September 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Wednesday, September 6- Picture Day

Friday, September 15- Law Day Field Trip (5th Grade)

Monday, September 18 - No School - Professional Development Day for Teachers

Friday, September 22 Movie Night

Tuesday, September 26 Homework Club Begins

Friday, September 29- Mid Trimester (Make Sure You Are Checking Your Child's Grades On Line)

Friday, September 29 Jog-A-Thon


Monday - Friday, October 2-6- Minimum Days - Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, October 3 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Wednesday, October 11 Picture Retakes

October 16-20 - Fall Break

Tuesday, October 31 Halloween Parade and Celebrations

Sunday, November 5 Daylight Savings

Tuesday, November 7 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library


Friday, November 10 - Veteran's Day - No School 

Friday, November 17 - End of 1st Trimester, Minimum Day

November 22-24 - Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, December 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

December 6-9 Mistletoe Mall

Friday, December 22- Minimum Day

December 25- January 6- Winter Break

Monday, January 8- No School - Professional Development Day

Monday, January 15  - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School 

Friday, January 19- Mid-Trimester (Make Sure You Are Checking Your Child's Grades On Line)

Tuesday, February 6th PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Friday and Monday, February 16 and 19 - Presidents' Days - No school 

Friday, March 2 - End of 2nd trimester, Minimum Day

Tuesday, March 6 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Sunday, March 11 Daylight Savings

March 26-30- Spring Break

Monday, April 2- Snow Day Make-Up

Tuesday, April 3 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Monday, April 23- No School - Professional Development Day

Friday, April 27- Mid-Trimester (Make Sure You Are Checking Your Child's Grades On Line)

Tuesday, May 1 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Sunday, May 13 Mother's Day

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day- No School

Tuesday, June 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

June 7 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day, 12:00 Dismissal



“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” Dr. Seuss



Recent Posts


Students will be tested on their spelling words on Friday. We will introduce words and give a practice test each Monday. Students will write the words in their agendas on Tuesday in class. Wednesday and Thursday they will play spelling games in class. Final test given on Friday. 

Reading Logs will go home on Fridays and will be due the following Friday. We are expecting students to read for 20 minutes and record three complete sentences summarizing what they read. Please initial each entry. For three complete entries, they will receive a B-. For four complete entries, they will receive an A-. For five complete entries, they will receive an A+. They can choose which nights to read.

The following schedule shows the consistent homework assignments for each day. There may be other assignments given. Please check the agenda daily for specific assignments.  

Read 20 Minutes and record in reading log.
Math- One lesson plus Xtra Math facts practice

Read 20 Minutes and record in reading log.
Math- One lesson plus Xtra Math facts practice

Read 20 Minutes and record in reading log.
Math- One lesson plus Xtra Math facts practice

Read 20 Minutes- Signed reading logs due on Friday.
Math- One lesson plus Xtra Math facts practice
Library book due Friday.



Recent Posts

June 4-7

This is the last newsletter you will receive from me for the 2017-18 school year!  I am glad that I will still get to see our students' smiling faces around school next year when they are all in fifth grade!

We have an exciting day tomorrow.  Students will be presenting their STEM Science group projects to the children in 1st- 3rd grade classes. Our first round of presentations will be from 8:30-9:50.  The kids will have a break from 9:55-10:25, and then we do our second round of presentations from 10:30-11:30.  Please feel free to stop by school and check it out!  The students have learned the importance of team work while preparing for this amazing project!

On Tuesday afternoon, we will have Izaak and his family share his race car with us! I can hardly wait!

Wednesday is our Fun Day!  Students are going to be out in the sun for most of the day and playing games in the sun.  Please make sure that they come to school already wearing sunscreen, comfortable clothes for playing, and good shoes for running!  Also, please send them with a water bottle so they can stay hydrated!  It is supposed to be 80 and partly cloudy on Wednesday, so hopefully it won’t be sweltering! 

Wednesday afternoon, June 6th, is our pizza party and kids will be watching a movie in class. Mrs. Hollister's fourth graders will be joining us. Please make sure your child brings back the permission slip to watch the movie "UP" with us. Thank you so much to the people who have signed up to help with supplies and volunteered to help with our activities!  We are still requesting a $2.00 donation to help cover the cost of the pizza if you have not sent it in yet.


Thank you all for an awesome school year!  It was such a pleasure to get to know all of our families and to work with your amazing children. Have a wonderful summer vacation!

Looking Ahead:

Monday, June 4, 4/5 STEAM Exploratorium In MP room

Tuesday, June 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Wednesday, June 6th Fun Day and End of the Year Celebrations!

Thursday, June 7 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day, 12:00 Dismissal

Friday, June 8 - Summer Vacation Begins!


A message from the school office...

Please remember that all lunch balances must be paid by Wednesday, June 6. If you have any questions about your child's lunch account, please call Katrina in the office at 272-2319.
The last day of after school care is Wednesday, June 6. There will no after school care on the last day of school.

May 29-June 1

I hope that everyone enjoyed the beautiful three day weekend!  I can hardly believe we have only two short weeks of school left!

Thank you so much to the parents who were able to volunteer to join us on our field trip to Coloma!  Everyone had an awesome day learning about California's golden history. The weather was perfect and we were able to tour the site completely. It is always wonderful to take our learning outside the classroom. Some students even found flecks of gold! It was amazing! Thank you to all the parents out there who donate through Parents Club to help make Alta Sierra School great! I truly appreciate you!

This coming week will go by fast!  For starters, we will maintain an academic routine and continue to get our work done. We have important pieces to complete in class before the end of the third trimester. We will continue our math unit on measurement and we will have a math test this week. However, we will NOT have a spelling test this week! (Yippee!)

Fun Day is right around the corner! I hope to be able to do the "Parachute" with our entire class! Please check with your child daily regarding their classroom behavior for the next two weeks.  As per our prior agreement, students with over 6 refocus forms will start to loose Fun Day rotations, one at a time, until they miss all 6 rotations, and then possibly the pizza party and afternoon movie!  We want to end the year on a positive note, and having good classroom behavior is a big part of this. Please send in a $2 donation to help cover the cost of the pizza.  Our Fun Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 6th. I will send the sign up genius again. We have more slots to fill.

The 4th and 5th grade teachers have decided to move our STEM Mini Exploratorium to Monday, June 4th.  We will be set up in the multipurpose room from 8:30-10:00 and then 10:40-11:15.  Feel free to come check out what the kids have been working on during science groups!

This coming Friday is Hawaiian Shirt and Flip Flop Day! 

Looking Ahead:

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day- No School

Monday, June 4, 4/5 STEM Exploratorium In MPR

Tuesday, June 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Wednesday, June 6th Fun Day and Pizza Party!

June 7 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day, 12:00 Dismissal

Looking Ahead...

Looking Ahead...


Monday, May 21 CAASPP State Testing, Math

Thursday, May 24 4th Grade Coloma Field Trip

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day- No School

Friday, June 1, 4/5 STEAM Exploratorium In MP room

Tuesday, June 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

June 7 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day, 12:00 Dismissal

May 21 - May 25

Thank you for joining us at our Open House last Thursday evening! We had a wonderful time showing off the students' work to parents, grandparents, other family members and friends. The year has gone by so quickly! The children have had opportunity to let their creativity shine and have shown so much  growth! I am very proud of our class!
This week we start off with our last CAASPP Math test on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. Please help your child to get a good night's sleep tonight, and eat a healthy breakfast on Monday morning. Thank you to the parents who have signed up to bring in our testing treats! The students enjoy refueling after the test!
We will finish our math unit on Perimeter and Area this week and take the test in class.
Students will begin studying Rocks and Minerals in our classroom science class, and they will be working on their Science group projects to be presented on Friday, June 1.
We have been enjoying reading Island of the Blue Dolphins in class. Students are also selecting novels they wish to read over the summer, and they are enjoying using our Summer Reading Center (aka "the pool") in class. 
Our last field trip of the year will happen this Thursday as we head off to Coloma to see the James Marshall Discovery Site. It is a fantastic trip and students always learn so much about the Gold Rush! Please make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen to school. 
Due to CAASPP testing on Monday, and our field trip on Thursday, we will not have a spelling test this week.
I look forward to a wonderful week with your amazing children!

May 14-18

Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone enjoys the day in celebration of all the moms out there! 
We will have a semi-regular week this week!
We are on Spelling 7.4 and the words are ready on Spelling City for practice.
We have finished our California Cursive Books and our Mission Boards, and they are ready to share at Open House. The children worked very hard on these projects and they have learned so much about our great state.
Some children will complete a make-up CAASPP test on Monday, May 14 at 8:15 a.m., so please have your child ready if they were absent for one of our prior tests. Mrs. Sinisi's shared students will also be testing this week.
We are working on perimeter and area in math and we will have our math test this week.
The children will be visiting the garden on Tuesday, so please have them wear shoes appropriate for gardening. 
Our Science projects are coming along nicely. There are only a few groups who have not brought in the materials needed to try out their science experiment. The projects I have seen so far are amazing!
The Book Fair opens this week and our classroom visit day will be on Friday, May 18. Book Fair information magazines were sent home in the Thursday Folders on May 10th.
Open House is on Thursday, May 17, from 6:00-7:00. The vendors will start serving food at 5:30 p.m. Also, the library will be open for the Book Fair during Open House.
I look forward to seeing everyone at Open House on Thursday, May 17!

May 7-11

Our weeks are just flying by!

We have a lot going on in the next several weeks!

We have CAASPP testing in ELA (Performance Task) on Monday morning at 8:15 a.m., and on Friday we have our Math test (Performance Task). Thank you again to parents who have been sending in testing snacks and drinks by 8:00 a.m. on the morning of testing.  The kids really look forward to the refueling and appreciate it! 

Due to CAASP testing we will not have Spelling this week.

This week, we will be busy wrapping up Mother’s Day projects and Open House projects!

Mission Boards are due on Friday, May 11. All materials made in class for this project were sent home with a colorful board to use to make a mission display for Open House. Many students printed their paragraphs in the lab last week and took them home. Students' paragraphs are on a Google Doc, so they can access the information at home to edit and print if needed.

We will have Mrs. Yoho back on Wednesday for our last Art Docent presentation of the year!

Don’t forget that Open House is on Thursday, May 17th.  We hope to see everyone!  Sweenie’s Weenies will be there, Lazy Dog, and the book fair will be open.  We hope to see everyone there!

Have a wonderful week!


April 30-May 4

We have a full week planned this week!
Last week we completed the first of 2 ELA tests and the students did a marvelous job! We had perfect attendance on the day of testing as well. Thank you so much for contributing to the success of all of our children!
This week we will study spelling words 7.3. Please see the Spelling City program for practice. Students will test on Thursday.
We are working on Angles using protractors in class. Please help your child to remember to return borrowed protractors to class daily so we have them ready to use for the next lesson. Thank you.
We have one more section of our Mission Report to complete in class on "Fun Facts."  Please check your child's paragraphs on their Google Doc at home so they are ready to print on Wednesday. Some editing is still needed. I will send home more information on Monday, and the check-off list will go home on Thursday with the pieces they have been working on in class. I will also send home the "board" to assemble their pieces onto this week. Completed Mission Boards are due Friday, May 11. 
Our Science projects are underway. Students are working in teams of 3 or 4 to put together an exciting display and experiment to share with their peers in June. We are taking it step-by-step in class, and students may ask for your assistance in finding some pieces for their experiment. Please let me know if you need my assistance at any point in the process. This is new for the students, but the final outcome will be rewarding! Science groups meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:20-1:50. If you would like to come in to volunteer to assist with a group, please contact me. Volunteers are always appreciated!
Friday's Spirit Day is "Star Wars Day." 
Our next CAASPP test is on Monday, May 7. We will complete the second ELA test. Please remember to send in the CAASPP testing snacks you signed up for on the Sign Up Genius by 8:00 a.m. to room 23 on the day of testing. The students work really hard and enjoy refueling after their efforts! Thank you for your support!

April 24-27


There is no school for students on Monday.  The teachers will be attending a professional development day at the district office.


This coming week is going to be another short week!  We continue to have a lot going on! Here is a quick glance at what we will be doing this week.

Monday - No school. Professional Development Day for teachers.

Tuesday - Science groups to begin and will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:20-1:50. Thank you parent volunteers for joining us! This begins our science rotations for our Exploratorium which will be held on Friday, June 1st.

Please check your child's backpack Tuesday afternoon for their permission slip to Coloma. This field trip is scheduled in May, so I will send out a sign up genius requesting volunteers in the near future.

Wednesday - Community Canvas! Please have your child wear old clothes on Tuesday or bring a big t-shirt to wear over their clothes to protect them from paint.

Thursday - CAASPP ELA testing begins at 8:30 a.m. Please remind your child to bring a chapter book to class on Thursday, rest well the night before, and enjoy a healthy breakfast on the day of testing. Thank you families for signing up to send in snacks and water bottles for testing. Please send in the items you signed up for by 8:00 a.m. on the day of testing.

There will be no spelling and little math this week because it is a short week and we have activities scheduled during our regular math time in class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will be expected to read and study Xtra Math facts nightly for homework.

Friday - Mid trimester ends. Please check your child's grades on Power School. We no longer send a paper copy of grades at the mid-trimester. 

I look forward to a wonderful week with all of our fabulous students!

April 16-20

We have a busy week this week with many fun things planned.


On Tuesday, we are going to the garden in the morning and in the afternoon we will go and watch the third grade play.  Because of this, we will not have reading groups on Tuesday afternoon. However, If you are a Tuesday afternoon volunteer we will need help with filing, etc.  On Tuesday, please send your kids to school in clothes that will be good for the garden.  It is still a bit muddy out there and it could be chilly.


Wednesday morning, the Magnolia Jazz Band will be visiting our school, so we will get to watch them perform. 


On Thursday, we will be doing clay with Chic Lotz.  Please send in your $10 donation if you have not done so already. We need $60 more dollars. Because of our clay, we will not have reading groups on Thursday afternoon either. Please plan to come in if you are a Thursday afternoon volunteer. We will be starting our Science STEAM Kick-off on Thursday afternoon.

We are on Spelling Unit 7.2. Please refer to Spelling City for practice.

Last week we finished our paragraphs on Mission "Founding", "Early History", and "Early People." Please ask to see your child's google doc and assist with editing these three sections. This week we will work in class on Mission "Design" and "Problems and Closing." 

Please be aware we are changing our reading groups and doing science groups instead.  We still need parent helpers to continue coming in for groups.  They will be supervising the kids working in their groups.  On Friday, June 1st, the students will be doing a  STEAM Science Exploratorium in the multi purpose room.  We have put the kids in groups of three.  There is one student from each classroom.  They will be creating a display that demonstrates a scientific principle and sharing this with students in the younger grades!  It will be a fun day for them!  The work for this will be done at school.

There is one area where I could use help.  I am in need of a person to file papers and organize Thursday folders for us.  If you are available to help with this on Thursdays, please let me know!


We will cover Social Studies week 23. Students will read about life in the gold mining camps.


We will be having a pizza party and watching a movie with Mrs. Hollister’s fourth graders for their end of the year party!!  Information will be coming home about this before too long!


We will start our state testing soon!  Mr. Bivens has split our testing into small increments, so we will be testing quite a few days, but for a short period of time each day.  He has done lots of research on the best testing scenarios.  Please make sure that your child is at school during our testing times.  I will be putting together a snack sign up soon.  Students love to have snacks when we test!


Thank you so much for all of your support!!


April 9-13

April 9-13

We are going to have a full week of school this week! 

Students who have not yet earned their Xtra Math Multiplication Certificate will be given extra time in class to work toward their certificate before the year ends. Please check with your child to make sure they are completing at least 15 focused minutes on facts nightly as well.

We are on Spelling 7.1 words. Please see the Spelling City program for practice.

We are naming and classifying triangles and lines in math. The test will be given this week.

We started our Mission research last week and will continue note taking, writing, editing, and typing on a google doc in class. You can view your child's first entry on "The Founding of the Mission" on their google doc. The Mission Report/Project will be due in May.


We have some fun things coming up!  On Thursday, April 19, we will be doing clay projects.  Thank you so much to the families that sent in their $10 clay donations.  We are still collecting donations if you have not yet turned them in.  We are in need of $80 more.

The following week, we will do a painting project with Community Canvas! 

The following week we will begin our English/Language arts CAASPP testing in the lab on Thursday, April 26. We will start first thing in the morning, so it is as important as ever that students are well rested, arrive to school on time, and have had a good breakfast on the morning of Thursday, April 26.

Thank you again, for all of your help and support!


Looking Ahead:


Thursday, April 19-Clay Sun Project (Dress for Art)

Monday, April 23- No School - Professional Development Day

Thursday, April 26 CAASPP State Testing, ELA

Friday, April 27- Mid-Trimester Ends

Tuesday, May 1 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Monday, May 7 CAASPP State Testing, ELA Performance Task

Friday, May 11 CAASPP State Testing, Math Performance Task

Friday, May 11 Mission Boards Due

Sunday, May 13 Mother's Day

Thursday, May 17 Open House

Monday, May 21 CAASPP State Testing, Math

Thursday, May 24 4th Grade Coloma Field Trip

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day- No School

Friday, June 1, 4/5 STEAM Exploratorium In MP room

Tuesday, June 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

June 7 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day, 12:00 Dismissal

April 2 - April 6


I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful spring break!  I spent time with friends and family and enjoyed a trip to the coast.  I will hear back from our students on Tuesday about any trips taken to a California Mission!

Thank you so much to all of you who sent in food and supplies for our Spring party on the Friday before break! Thanks a bunch to the parents who came in to set up, run stations for the children, and clean up!  The kids had a wonderful time and learned to make origami bunnies!  Thank you so much for helping to provide this good time!

This week, we will start working on our Mission Reports and Projects for Open House.  I will go over the directions for this in class, and I have put together a folder for each student stuffed with information specific to their Mission. We will be doing much of the work in class, but some of the work for this assignment will have to be done at home.  You will receive more information about the work that needs to be done at home soon. Thank you so much for your help with this wonderful project!

Due to the short week, and the introduction to our Mission Project, we will not have a spelling test this week. Spelling will resume next week.

Looking Ahead:

Monday, April 2- Snow Day Make-Up (WE HAVE NO SCHOOL THIS DAY)

Tuesday, April 3 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Monday, April 23- No School - Professional Development Day

Friday, April 27- Mid-Trimester (Make Sure You Are Checking Your Child's Grades On Line)

Tuesday, May 1 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

Sunday, May 13 Mother's Day

Thursday, May 17 Open House

Thursday, May 24 4th Grade Coloma Field Trip

Monday, May 28 - Memorial Day- No School

Friday, June 1, 4/5 STEAM Exploratorium In MP room

Tuesday, June 5 PTC Meeting 6:00 In Library

June 7 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day, 12:00 Dismissal

March 19-23

March 19-23


The kids had a great time going to Magnolia on Friday and seeing their Alice In Wonderland play!  It was a great play!!  The costumes were incredible, the sets were amazing, and I can’t believe the number of lines that the kids memorized!  The drama class at Magnolia is amazing!

We have another fun and busy week ahead of us!

We are going to try to make it to the garden this Tuesday, weather permitting.

The talent show assembly is on Wednesday!

We will NOT have a Spelling Test this week. Spelling practice and tests will resume after Spring Break.

We will take our Math Chapter 9 Test on fractions, as well as our Science Test on Food Webs this week.

Students will be recognized at our Student of the Month Awards presentation on Thursday. 

On Friday, we will have the Perfect Attendance assembly, and then later in the morning we will have our Spring Celebration in class. The children will enjoy decorating and eating cookies, fresh fruit and juice. They will do a craft project and they will learn origami! Thank you for signing up to send in supplies to our classroom, and for volunteering your time! It will be great!

Thank you so much to the people who have sent in $10 for the clay sun project donation!  Our goal is to raise $270 for this amazing project. We have raised $80 already, so if you have signed up to send in money it will really help us to reach our classroom goal! Thank you!

This Thursday, March 22nd from 2pm-8:30 pm is our Trailblazer Pizza night fundraiser.    If you go in and purchase dinner, a portion of the money goes to our school.

Friday is also class color day.  Our colors are black and white.  Kids can do a combination of black, white, and gray!

So far, we will be off on Monday, April 2nd. It is a snow day off.  The day the kids were sent home early did not count as using a snow day.  Hopefully we won’t use a snow day this week! 

I know you will enjoy Spring Break with your child and maybe you will be able to schedule a trip to your child's Mission! Mission assignment slips will go home this week. Thank you for using the sign up genius to select your mission. Students who did not use the sign up genius have been assigned to a Mission. It is not required to go to the mission, but if you can it is fun!


March 12-16

March 12-16

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! The SUN was back in SUNday! 

A quintet came from Music in the Mountains to perform for us last week!  It was awesome for the kids to get to hear LIVE orchestra music! Students prepared wonderful "Thank You" cards for the musicians. I was VERY proud of our students and many expressed an interest in learning to play an instrument!

We have another fun week planned!

We will have Art Docent on Wednesday. We always LOVE the presentations and projects Mrs. Yoho prepares for our class!

On Friday, all 4th and 5th graders will be going to Magnolia to watch a play performed by Magnolia students.  The 5th graders will be leaving a little earlier than the 4th graders because they will be taking a tour of the Magnolia campus.  Fourth graders will arrive only for the play. We will be sending home permission slips tomorrow for this field trip.  It is important that you fill it out and return it the next day.  If students have not returned their permission slips by Friday, they will not be allowed to go. All students will be returning to Alta Sierra in time for lunch.

We have also scheduled Chic Lotz to come and do a clay project with our class.  The cost of the project is $10 per student.  We raised a portion of the money with our Denim and Diamond class project to cut the cost of the clay project by $30, so I will be asking parents for a $10 donation per student in order to cover the remaining cost of this project.  I have posted a request for donations on our Spring/Easter Party Sign Up Genius and some parents have already pledged to send in $10. Please refer to the Sign Up Genius to sign up for our Spring/Easter Party supplies, too! I have purchased and planned a wonderful origami project to do with the students myself. It is going to be fun! I can hardly wait!

We will be on Spelling Lesson 6.4 this week.  Please remember to have your child visit the Spelling City program.

St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, March 17th. I have planned a special Leprechaun Reader's Theater script for your children to perform and enjoy in class. Please feel free to send in anything green this week to share with the class if you feel inspired to do so. We all love surprises!

I look forward to a great week with your incredible students!


Volunteer Needed on March 22

We will need one parent volunteer to help lead one reading group of about 7 students on Thursday, March 22, from 1:15-1:50 p.m.  Please email me if you will be able to join us!
Thank you!