Alta Sierra Elementary

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Eagles are Kind, Responsible, and Respectful

Welcome to the Year Book!

One of the advantages of TreeRing is parents and students can purchase a book at any time.


For those who buy books ON-LINE after the 5/6 deadline and before 5/27 books will still be shipped to the school.




Order your yearbook on-line at  


Every yearbook comes with 2 free pages you can customize for your child(ren). These pages are only printed in your yearbook(s).

If you did not order a yearbook last year and would like to, you can always order back issues on-line.


The success of the yearbook comes from photo’s being uploaded to our TreeRing site. The less pictures we can choose from the more drab the book will be. There are iphone and android apps that you can download from TreeRing that will help streamline this task. Review the quickstart flyers to learn how.


You may also email us, and we'll send you a link to our GOOGLE Drive folder. This may be the easiest way for YOU to help make this years yearbook even MORE of a success!!!!