Alta Sierra Elementary

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Eagles are Kind, Responsible, and Respectful

Welcome to the Year Book!

It’s Yearbook Time!

Cost is only $13.91

Order by May 3rd for FREE delivery to the school.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun and Memories!


One of the advantages of TreeRing is parents can order their yearbook on-line at any time!

Here's How To Create Your Account



Two FREE Personalized Pages

Every student’s yearbook can be custom-made for them!

Your yearbook comes with 2 free pages you can customize for your child(ren).

These pages are only printed in your yearbook(s).

Here's How-To Create Your Custom Pages



Don’t Forget the Dedication!

Create and dedicate a section to your child, a special teacher

or commemorate a bound-to-be-lifelong friendship.


These pages will be seen in everyone’s yearbook.

Here's How-To Create a Recognition Ad


⅛ page = N/A   ¼ page = $5   ½ page = $10   Full Page = $20


Signing Yearbook Can be Done Online!
TreeRing has a Signatures feature available which allows students to e-sign each other's books.

Share Your Photos!

The success of the yearbook comes from photo’s being uploaded to our TreeRing site. The less pictures we can choose from the more drab the book will be. 

Here's How to Share Photos with Yearbook


You may also email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a link to our GOOGLE Drive folder. This may be the easiest way for YOU to help make this years yearbook even MORE of a success!!!!



Missed a Year?

If you did not order a yearbook last year and would like to, you can always order back issues on-line.