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Talking to your kids makes them smarter!  
Its not so much the quantity of words that you exchange with your children, it is the quality of interaction between parents and young children that predicts language skills.  And language skills are strongly linked to reading.  Our brains are built for language but we have to train our brains specifically for reading.
An easy thing to add to your parenting is to be aware of how you are answering your child's questions. For example, if a child asks the question, “Why is there a battery?,” a simple answer could be, “To make it work.” That’s not wrong but it’s not very informative.   A more detailed response may be “The battery is there to give the toy power. When the batteries are connected to these buttons, then the toy will work because it has power.   Students that receive detailed answers remember the answer and apply it to future problems.   
So please, reduce hand held screen time and have conversations with your children.  The word deficit used to only be seen in lower income demographics but we are seeing this same deficit at all income levels.   Kids behind screens are listening but not interacting.  Language development requires interaction.
Thank you for all that you do!


Hey Families,
We have job openings at Alta Sierra and at our other school sites as well.
Please go to and apply.
You can contact Kristin Potts at the district office or Mr. Bivens at the Alta Sierra office if you have any questions.

Open house is next Thursday!

Come and tour the classrooms and mingle with your Alta Sierra Eagle Family.
Be sure to bring your child and ask them to be your tour guide.
Classrooms open at 6:00!  

Spring Carnival!

Alta Sierra PTC

Alta Sierra Elementary School Spring Carnival

Alta Sierra Elementary School's Spring Carnival is being held on Saturday, April 30, 2022. This is our 2nd year having the event as a family friendly carnival, in place of the spring fundraisers held in the past at the country club. The spring fundraiser is a great way to get involved and a chance to make some great family fun memories. 

We need your help in order to make this a success!

Rosalynn Asuncion, PTC VP is the event coordinator, but many more volunteers are needed! We are looking to have someone fill each one of these positions. Rosalynn will be there to help guide you through the process and ensure a team effort.




December 14, 2021



Dear Parents, 


We are excited to announce an opportunity to keep our school community safe!


We are supplying an iHealth At-Home COVID-19 test to use at home before returning to school in the New Year! If you are interested in receiving an at-home test, you can pick it up in the Alta Sierra school office starting Wednesday December 15 through Friday, Dec 17, 2021.  These are only available for students enrolled at Alta Sierra.


Step 1: Get Materials

  •       Pick up test from Alta Sierra (each box includes two tests)
  •       Register for Primary.Health (If you have not done so)


Step 2: Test your student

  •       Take test #1 3 days before returning to school (December 31, 2022)
  •       Take test #2 1 day before returning to school (January 2, 2022)
  •       If you DO have any COVID-19 symptoms and/or you have HAD a known exposure to someone with COVID-19, please call your school for next steps before you return.


Step 3: Share your results on Primary.Health!  Do not use the iHealth app.

Primary.Health is a secure website that reports your results to the school and the Health Department.

Spirit Day Photo's

Take a minute and look at the folders of spirit day photos!
Thank you all for taking the time to share.  It is good to see you all and remember that we are a community.  
Tuesday is Hero or Villain Day 
Wednesday is Send Some Love Day.
Thursday is Hawaii / Beach Bum Day
Friday is School Spirit Day.
Send your photos to [email protected]

Yeah!  Its A Virtual Spirit Week.
Take a picture of yourself taking part in each day's theme.
Send your picture to [email protected]!
I will send you a link where you can see all of our photos.

Distance Learning Packets - distribution schedule

March 23, 2020

Hello parents.  I sure hope this message finds your families healthy and peaceful.   

Distance learning packets are ready and will be made available for pick up on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  The schedule is below.  

The times are set alphabetically by last name.  You may pick up packets for family or friends. Just be sure that you drop it off for them!  We need you to initial for all packets picked up. We need to know that all families had access. 

Pickup times have been coordinated with Magnolia so you can hit both sites during the assigned hour.  Don’t worry if you are a little late, or early.  

If the weather is cooperative, staff will be handing out the packets curbside in the bus loading zone and you won’t have to get out of your car.  

If the weather is stormy, we will distribute in the MPR.  To maintain social distance, the number of people in the MPR will have to be kept to 10 or less.  Please park and wait until a staff member waves you up.

There are on-line resources available for enrichment, extra practice or to allow for exploration of topics.  You can find them all on our website home page at under the “students” tab.

Distance Learning Packet 

Pickup Schedule

These times are coordinated with Magnolia so you can hit each site during the assigned hour


Alpha - Last Name










Open pickup



Thinking about social media for your kids?
DON'T.  Social media is harmful to kids especially young girls.