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Recent Posts

State Testing Results Have Been Mailed Home!

In the past week, our district has received our state testing results and we are quite pleased.   While state testing is not a perfect measure of a school's success, it is great to see us doing so well.    

Individual student reports were mailed home yesterday and should be arriving any moment.    

Parking Lot Issues

The parking lot at any school at drop off and pick up times can be quite chaotic.   While we do the best we can to make the process as seamless as possible, it will inevitably contain some form of gridlock as our first goal is always student safety (and that does not mesh with perfect traffic flow). 

I have tried to take a fresh look at the situations in the past week to see how we might make things safer for the students while at the same time limiting gridlock. 

Upper Parking Lot

The upper parking lot at drop off can get quite congested as students and parents rush to beat the tardy bell.   To help improve the flow while maintaining student safety, we would love it if families could commit to making sure of the following:

  1. Absolutely no parking in the red zone (none…zip….zilch…nada).
  2. Please drop off your child, say goodbye, and then drive away. Watching your child walk all the way down the ramp causes a back up.
  3. Drop your child off at the curb (I have seen a car or two park on the outside of another car and drop of a child). This is first and foremost a safety issue.

Lower Parking Lot

The lower parking lot at drop off is not ideal, but it seems to be functioning.   We would love to have more room for our buses to park, but it is simply not a reality.   In the afternoon, we have been having a few issues with congestion at the bottom of the stairs.   We will continue to cone off the parking lot until 2:05-ish as well as add a cone path for our classes at the bottom of the stairs (picture above) that we will ask parents to stay behind.   We have had a few line of sight issues where the congestion has caused difficulty in maintaining student safety.   We appreciate you helping us out in this as our changes are only in the name of student safety.