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Checking Grades online

Link to checking grades online:

At Alta Sierra School, we value communication with parents and know the critical role it plays in keeping students on track. To that end, we are pleased to provide Power School Public. This program enables parents to access student grade data and attendance information through the internet. Parents can access student data at their convenience, or enable the program to send automatic email updates. 

If you have internet access at home or at work you can view the information on your student at any time. Please keep your passwords confidential so only you can access the information. If you do not yet have internet access, trimester and mid-trimester reports will still be sent home as scheduled. 

While we encourage staff to update as frequently as possible, it is important to note that grades will not be updated daily. You can reasonably expect grades to be updated every couple of weeks. Absent grades will be averaged as a zero until the assignments are made up. In addition, some grades are weighted and will average out differently in the overall total. If you have questions regarding your child's grade, you may contact the teacher for clarification. 

Another helpful hint: anything in blue is a hyperlink and will link you to more information. For example, if you click on the blue grade for a class, it will bring up the gradebook to show all assignments which make up this grade. If you have questions or comments regarding this program, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or  call 272-2319.