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All about Mrs. Kelley

I feel so happy to say I have loved my last 35 years of teaching! Each grade level I've taught in the past (1st-5th) has been filled with wonderful experiences and happy memories, but I have to admit I am over the moon loving Transitional Kindergarten! This will by my seventh year working with TKers. Their enthusiasm for life, as well as their eagerness to soak up all the new things around them, make them a joy to be with each day! I am one very lucky teacher!

A little about myself:
After teaching a few years out of state, I moved to California in 1989, and besides two years teaching in Indonesia, I've been so happy to call Grass Valley home. Education is a family thing, because my husband, Tom, is a school counselor. I have three grown children (Brian, Kyle and Kaity) who have fond memories from the years they also spent at Alta Sierra School!  We love the mountains and being at the ocean as well. Time away from school usually takes us one place or the other. In the winter I love snowboarding, and during the summer time camping and finding trails to walk are some of my favorite things!


Friday Closed Toe Shoe Day

Hello Parents!
Yay! We get to see Mr. Dillie tomorrow for P.E. With all of the running and fun we'll be having each week, can you please make sure your TKer wears closed-toe shoes with a strap (or covered heel) each Friday? We don't want any injuries to ruin the fun. Thanks so much!

TK Week of August 23rd-27th

We had a great TK week! With lots of fun finger painting, dobbing, water coloring, bean gluing, and tempera painting our name, we now have a classroom full of name recognizing experts.
We have also started learning about Allie Alligator (A), Bubba Bear (B), Catina Cat (C), and Deedee Deer (D). This would be a great time to start learning our ZooPhonic Friends right along with your TKer. Writing a capital A, B, C, D on four pieces of paper and showing one at a time to your cutie, so s/he can tell you the friend, show the action, and say the sound would be a fun game to play. Let him/her show you the cards, so you can demonstrate what you know too!
Today we had a great day in the garden. We picked tomatoes, and sat in the shade of one of our apple trees to also enjoy some slices of crunchy yellow apple, and sweet purple plum. Delicious!
EXTRA BOOK ORDER MONEY FOUND! After everyone was gone today, I found some money in one of the cubbies that doesn't belong to any of our TKers (cubby without a name). If you noticed the books your TK brought home don't seem to add up to how much you sent (or you sent money and no books came home), can you let me know? Thanks so much!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Our 1st Week of TK!

Yay! It was so fun being able to get to know your TKer this week. We have a wonderful little group of friends who instantly got along and really seem to enjoy being together. It makes my heart happy.☺︎
This week was a wonderful time to learn TK routines: morning jobs, carpet time, group time, snack and big toy time, and a very favorite - CHOICE TIME!
I know it doesn't make sense, but Thursday folders went home today. I have an explanation in your cutie's folder (in backpacks).
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.