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All about Mrs. Kelley

I feel so happy to say I have loved my last 31 years of teaching! Each grade level I've taught (1st-5th) has brought such a unique joy, but I have to admit I am over the moon loving my new teaching experience in Transitional Kindergarten! This is my third year working with TKers. Their enthusiasm for life and eagerness to take in the world around them makes them a joy to be with each day! I am one very lucky teacher!

A little about myself:
I moved to California in 1989, and besides two years teaching in Indonesia, I've been so happy to call Grass Valley home. Education is a family thing, because my husband, Tom, is a high school counselor. I have three grown children (Brian, Kyle and Kaity) who have fond memories from the years they also spent at Alta Sierra School!  We love the mountains and being at the ocean as well. Time away from school usually takes us one place or the other. In the winter I love snowboarding, and during the summer time camping and finding trails to walk are some of my favorite things!

Recent Posts

Summer Readers Theater

I hope everyone's enjoying the start of summer break! I just got an email about a fun summer reader's theater program at school and wanted to pass the info on:
Bring What You Read To Life
Readers Theater, Storytelling and Puppetry

Tuesdays* from 4:30-7:00
*6/12, 6/19, 7/3, 7/24, 7/31 & 8/7
at the Alta Sierra Elementary Library All Ages Welcome

Jolly Lawson and Susan Warner will be hosting this fun, free program for your children! Jolly & Susan are the new ASPOA Youth Activities Co-Coordinators. Jolly is a retired school principal & teacher who delighted children of all ages through Readers Theater, Drama & Storytelling. Susan is a retired school district administrator for Special Education & a Speech Language Pathologist who worked with children of all ages & abilities to enhance social communication skills & speech language abilities.

** For more information contact Alicia Alonso at or
(530) 272-2319 ext 113

Free Fair Tickets

Hello Everyone!
Free Scholar Fair Tickets went home in backpack today. Be on the lookout for them. (Big brothers and sisters will probably be having them put into report card envelopes on Thursday.)

Last Week Info

Hello Everyone!
Yay! Tomorrow is Fun Day! Please have your kiddo come to school with sunscreen on, a hat to wear, and a water bottle to drink.
Please be looking for special things to be coming home on these days:
Tuesday - Father's Day gifts wrapped in green paper.
Wednesday - Large special paper bag portfolios filled with special TK art work.
Thursday - Progress reports (with a few fun photos) in a small manilla envelope.

Only 5 More School Days!

Here are a few reminders:
*Please have your cutie finish their picture of Mrs. Moye and him/her together, and send it to school as soon as possible.
*If you are still planning on contributing $3-$4 for Mrs. Moye's retirement gift, and haven't had a chance to do that yet, tomorrow is still fine. Our TKers have been great at keeping our secret!
*Tomorrow (Friday, June 1st) is Hawaiian shirt and flip flop day.
*Tuesday (June 5th) is our primary grade Fun Day. Kiddos will need:
Water bottle, hat, and sunscreen put on at home that morning.
*Thursday (June 7th) is our last day.

Time for Sunscreen

I noticed some pink arms today after coming in from the playground and realized it was time to send a quick reminder about putting a little sunscreen on your cutie before school on our sunny days.

Week of May 14th-18th

It was so good seeing so many of you at Open House last night! I loved watching how proud your kiddos were as they showed off all their Eric Carle masterpieces! (All of their artwork will be coming home in a special portfolio in a couple of weeks. Your refrigerator doors will be beautiful!)
Dates to Remember:
May 28th (Monday) - Memorial Day - No School
June 5th (Tuesday) - TK-2nd Grade Fun Day!
June 7th (Thursday) - Last day of school - How did it go so fast?

Two Big Reminders!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our class book fair time! It's at 10:15am in the library. Parents, if you can join us that's great! If not, no problem. If you want your cutie to get a book you can send money in an envelope tomorrow with their name on it. If they hand it to me in the morning I can hold it safely for them until we go.
Also, Open House is in two days (Thursday)! Your little TKer is so excited to show you their classroom. The classrooms are open from 6:00-7:00pm, but the food carts and book fair will be open at 5:30. Looking forward to seeing you!

Week of April 16th-20th (No school on Monday)

This was another great week in TK! First, I want to explain the two white sheets of paper that came home. The INTENT TO RETURN FORM is meant to help our district better plan for next year by knowing how many teachers are needed at each grade level. The KINDERGARTEN CONTINUANCE FORM can seem a little confusing, since your child is in transitional kindergarten this year. TK, though, is in the kindergarten umbrella, and your signature to this parental agreement makes it so your child can go into our regular kindergarten program in August.
A highlight of our week was our field trip to Gold Country Gymnastics. They had SUCH a good time! It started out with whole group parachute fun, moved onto small group obstacle course rotations, and ended with energetic free play! All that non-stop fun made for some tired TKers and a very quiet bus ride home!
Thanks to Parents Club, and the community support of our fund-raisers, not only were we able to go on our field trip, but we were able to have a teaching artist come to our class to help us paint a beautiful picture on canvas.
On Monday, there won't be any school due to a Professional Development day for the teachers in our district. I hope you have a nice three day weekend together!
April 23rd - Professional Development Day (No School)
May 28th - Memorial Day (No School)
June 7th - Last day of school

Painting on Canvas Tomorrow

Hi Parents!
Tomorrow we have a special art teacher coming to teach us how to paint some beautiful flowers. The goal is to get all the paint on the canvas, but, just in case, can you send your cutie to school in older play clothes that could get paint on them? This painting is sure to be a treasure! (Mom's, you're the lucky ones that can plan on a special gift for Mother's Day!)

Opportunity for Our Students to Help

     This week third grade is sharing a performance they have been practicing in honor of upcoming Earth Day. As well as helping us remember how to help our Earth, they are giving us a chance to reach out and help some of the people on it as well. The goal is to have each child (and parent) attending the performance this week to "pay admission" with a granola/protein type bar or a roll of toilet paper that will be given to our local Hospitality House.
     Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 (after our field trip) is the performance for our studentbody. Those who go home at 11:30 can still donate before they leave (and are welcome to come back and watch if it works for families). For TKers who stay with Mrs. Moye in the afternooon, I will pick them up to watch the performance if they'd like to go. This will be a great chance for TKers to think about and care for others.

Week of April 9th-13th

     It was a great week in TK! The heavy rains from the week before washed away a lot of our garden's bark, but TK came to the rescue! They felt so responsible as they learned how to fill tubs of bark with little shovels and work together to move the tubs to their new places. They were thinking they were so grown up, and I was thinking they were so adorable!
     The next day fire fighters came to visit TK and Kindergarten! They got to see the nice fire fighter who was behind the mask and big heavy clothes. The students learned that they should never hide if they ever see a fire fighter in all of that equipment, because he/she is there to help them. The fire fighters also told them how important it was to learn their address and ask Mom and Dad if everyone in the family could make an emergency plan, and then have their own fire drill, just like we do at school. It was exciting to finish up by meeting Smokey the Bear, getting really close to the big fire trucks, and spraying the fire hose all by themselves!
      Another big highlight of our week was STORYBOOK DAY, and hopefully you've heard some of the highlights. We started with a special guest reader, Gabby Gerster (our school president), who shared a funny book with us. Thank you, Gabby! Then group time turned into Storybook Group Time with three great books that led us into three hands-on activities. (Two of them are in backpacks today.) Ask your cutie what story went with their Big Green Monster, groovy shirt painted just for Pete the Cat, and delicious big red strawberry they got to taste on its own and with a little chocolate sauce. My favorite part of the day, though, was watching each of our TKers find their special spot in the room and share stories with their stuffed animal or baby doll. It melted my heart!
     We also spent the week thinking about and practicing Y. Playing a game that thinks about all the words that start with the /y/ sound would be fun. We also have been talking about inviting others to join us when we play. The flyer that went home today gives great ideas on starting a conversation about why it's important to include others.
     Last, we are excited for our field trip to Gold Country Gymnastics that is FOUR DAYS AWAY! Remember to send your cutie to school that day in comfortable clothes and a disposable water bottle/snack bag (so nothing is accidentally left behind). Our pick-up time at school will be the same.
     I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Tuesday, April17th - Field Trip to Gold Country Gymnastics
Friday, April 20th - Career Day! (School Spirit Day) Wear what you want to be when you grow up!

Storybook DAY is tomorrow!

A quick reminder that tomorrow is TK's Storybook DAY. We get to wear pajamas, bring a pillow or little blanket that fits in our backpack, and a stuffed animal to share stories with. Our day will be filled with storybook fun!
And don't forget there's Storybook Night at 6:00pm in the MPR for the family. You'll want to wear your cozy jammies and bring a big blanket for everyone to lay on, so you can listen to some fabulous bedtime stories! Thank you PTC for organizing this!

Week of April 3rd-6th

What a rainy day! We even found a worm who tried to come in the classroom to dry off a little!
The first part of our week we went to the garden to try some pea and sunflower shoots. So many of our Tkers loved them! As soon as we came back to the classroom we planted some sunflower seeds to make some shoots of our own. It will be exciting to see how much they have grown when we come back on Monday.
Hopefully everyone saw the purple and white half sheet notes that where stapled together and put in backpacks yesterday. The purple note tells everyone about our annual Storybook Night coming up next Thursday Evening (April 12th), and the white note explains our very own TK STORYBOOK DAY on the same day. We are super excited to come to school in our pajamas that day. Every Tker gets to bring a small pillow or blanket that can be carried in a backpack along with a stuffed animal they can share stories with. We'll have lots of fun books to look at, but if your cutie wants to bring up to three books (that can also fit in a backpack) that's great!
Just a reminder that our TK field trip to Gold Country Gymnastics is eleven days away (April 17th)! Your cutie will want to wear something comfortable that day. (Sweat pants or leggings would work great.) Also, water bottles and snack bags will need to be disposable that day, so we don't forget anything while we are away from school. Please label them as well, since they will all be in one box while transporting them to the field trip. It will be so much fun and a memory they'll be sure to remember!
Thursday DAY (for TK only), April 12th - Storybook DAY
Thursday EVENING (for ALL students), April 12th - Storybook Night
Tuesday, April 17th - TK field trip to Gold Country Gymnastics (Pick-up will still be at 11:30)