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Eagles are Kind, Responsible, and Respectful

All about Mrs. Kelley

I feel so happy to say I have loved my last 34 years of teaching! Each grade level I've taught in the past (1st-5th) has filled me with wonderful experiences and happy memories, but I have to admit I am over the moon loving my new teaching experience in Transitional Kindergarten! This is my sixth year working with TKers. Their enthusiasm for life, as well as their eagerness to soak up all the new things around them, make them a joy to be with each day! I am one very lucky teacher!

A little about myself:
After teaching a few years out of state, I moved to California in 1989, and besides two years teaching in Indonesia, I've been so happy to call Grass Valley home. Education is a family thing, because my husband, Tom, is a school counselor. I have three grown children (Brian, Kyle and Kaity) who have fond memories from the years they also spent at Alta Sierra School!  We love the mountains and being at the ocean as well. Time away from school usually takes us one place or the other. In the winter I love snowboarding, and during the summer time camping and finding trails to walk are some of my favorite things!


TK Jokes and Book Checkout

Hi Everyone!
If you can video tape your TKer telling a joke, I'd love to see it and then pass it on to Mr. Bivens. I think he has a plan for them. :)
Our librarian, Mrs. Alonso, sent us an email about checking out library books. Here is what she wrote:
I have been given permission to open a drive-thru library once a week.  Parents can follow this link and sign in to their child's account using their AR usernames and passwords.  They can then reserve books they would like and I will check them out to them.  Families can then drive-thru the school parking lot on Wednesdays from 4-6pm and I will have the books ready for them.  For safety, returned books will stay in quarantine for two weeks before being processed. Please pass this information along to your families and let me know if you have any questions. 
TK Login (eg Alicia Alonso)
Username: first name initial, first three letters of last name, 29, as (eg aalo29as)
Password: initials1234 (eg aa1234)
Tell your cutie I'm thinking of them!

Spreading the Word

I forgot to mention in last night's Edlio that if you know any families who are going to have a kindergartner this Fall, please let them know they are welcome to drive up and get a kindergarten packet on April 20th if they'd like. Hope you're having a nice weekend.

TK Updates

Hello Everyone,
Some of you had a question about kindergarten registration, so I emailed
Mr. Bivens. This was his reply:
"We will be handing out kindergarten registration packets on April 20 along with our next work packets. The TK students do not have to worry about having a space. They are in our system and will roll up to kindergarten. TK families can get a packet anytime between April 20 and August. They will have forms to update but we will assume they are enrolling."
The first packet you received on March 25th was filled with information to assist you in helping your cutie progress and reach TK's end-of-the-year goals. The next packet will have games/activities to help with this progress, but please keep referring to the original packet.
On April 20th, along with a new learning packet and kindergarten registration forms (so your information can be updated), I will do my best to have your TKer's fabulous artwork collated and put in portfolios. Mr. Bivens, or our superintendent, will be sending out an email with exact times when the date gets closer.
This is all so strange. Thank you for all you are doing. Give your sweetie-pie a big, big hug for me. I think of everyone often.

TK Updates

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are feeling healthy and happy. Mrs. Alonso, our librarian, now has a facebook page with story read-alouds from her and others at Alta Sierra. It looks like there is going to be live story telling MWF at 2:30, but I know a bunch of us have also recorded stories we've read, so please check it out.
Also, Six Flags has a reading program right now that can lead to a free ticket for your TKer to Six Flags in Vallejo this summer. (It's also for other brothers and sisters too.) It could be a fun thing to work towards, especially right now. Here's the link with easy instructions to get started:
Tell your cutie I'm thinking of them!

TK Packets

Hello Everyone! Even though we couldn't visit for long, it was really nice being able to connect with so many of you today. If you've had a chance to look at our TK packets, you've seen that they are meant for learning at home a few weeks or an extended time. They were set up that way because of how much is unknown right now. I didn't want anyone to think, though, that because of this we think the TK year is over. When school gets to resume, I'll be excited and ready for all your sweet, wonderful TK cuties! Tell them I say hi!

TK (and K-5) Packet Pick-up Tomorrow

Hello Everyone,
Just a reminder that tomorrow is our learning packet pick-up date. I hope I get to wave and say hi to some of you there. Please tell your cutie how much I miss being all together, and that I think of everyone often!
Here is a reminder of tomorrow's pick-up schedule:
A-F - 9-10am
G-M - 10-11am
N-R - 11-12noon
S-Z - 12-1pm


Two days of blue sky has hopefully lifted spirits. Please give your cuties another hug for me and tell them I'm thinking about them lots. I met together with our leadership team and administrators yesterday to develop a distance learning plan that is cohesive throughout the district. Things have been changing quickly, but the plan as of right now is for teachers to meet as district grade levels on Monday and Tuesday to finalized curriculum and prepare it for distance learning. Packets are planned to be ready for pick-up on Wednesday. I will definitely keep everyone in the loop with reminders about Wednesday or information about any unexpected changes. Please email me with any questions you have or if you just want to reach out.


I hope everyone is doing well. Please tell your TKers how much I miss them and that I am thinking of each one of them. I wish I had more to update everyone with. I've been waiting, thinking we would have concrete information soon to pass on. Nothing yet, though. I do know that tomorrow one of the superintendents (who apparently is representing the other districts in the county) will be addressing our association presidents tomorrow. As soon as the information gets passed on to me, I'll be passing it on to you.
Keep reading with your cuties, involving them in conversation, playing with math, and giving them opportunities to get some outside play (when we finally get a clear day). Thinking of you all!

TK Week of March 9th-13th

The highlight of our week was the play/musical B Street came to perform for TK-2nd grade today. It was made up of about five mini plays that our class absolutely LOVED! Walking back to the classroom, one of our cuties said they wish we could watch that every day! Be sure to ask your TKer all about it.
I'm sure that you all are wondering if we are going to be in school next week. We just had a staff meeting basically telling us they will update us as soon as the public announcement from President Trump helps Governor Newsom make a decision, which in turn goes to our county health department. What they say is what all the schools in the county will do. We might even know before you read this this evening. I will send you information as soon as I know, but my messages only come to you in the evening. The quickest way to keep up to date is to go to our district website -
With all the stormy weather this weekend, I hope everyone stays cozy and dry!
April 6th-10th - Spring Break (no school)
April 28th (Tuesday) - Gold Country Gymnastics Field Trip!
May 2nd - Alta Sierra School's 2nd Annual Family Carnival!
May 21st - Open House - 6pm

Quick TK Info

*Our three recent Second Step info sheets are coming home today. They're all really good and worth talking about at home with your cutie.
*If your TKer has been practicing a talent to share at our schools talent show, a quick reminder that tomorrow are tryouts. We've never had a TKer try out before, but you never know. :)
*Don't forget tomorrow is library day.

TK's Week of February 2nd-6th

We've been enjoying the warmer weather, blossoms, and the new GARDEN KITCHEN! We had so much fun being the first group to play with the new kitchen during our garden time on Tuesday that we couldn't wait to go play in the garden again today. I saw some delicious chocolate milk, doughnut soup, rock soup, spaghetti, chocolate cookies, and so much more. They were all so happy! Watching all the planning, problem solving, and cooperating made me happy too!
We now have an official date for our TK field trip to Gold Country Gymnastics. It's going to be Tuesday, April 28th from 9:30-11:00. Almost as exciting as the field trip is the ride on the big yellow school bus! I haven't talked to our TKers about it yet (I'll probably wait until we put it on our April calendar), but I wanted to give you all a heads up.
Have a wonderful weekend!
April 6th-10th - Spring Break (no school)
April 28th - Field Trip to Gold Country Gymnastics

TK's Week of February 24th-28th

Today we watched a puppet show from the Child Safety Puppeteers. They taught us that if somebody asks us to go somewhere or do something (even if we know them) to say No, then Go, and Tell Mommy, Daddy or whoever is in charge of them first. Notes went home today for you to read and talk with your cutie more about it. Samantha, the monkey puppet, taught them a good song that was left off the information sheet they gave us to go home, so here it is:
(Farmer in the Dell tune)
Say "No", Go and Tell
Say "No", Go and Tell
Remember what Samantha says
Say "No", Go and Tell
Use your words to say
If something's not OK
Remember what Samantha says
Say "No", Go and Tell
Say "No", Go and Tell
Say "No", Go and Tell
Remember what Samantha says
Say "No", Go and Tell
TKers have been becoming authors, and it's so exciting! A few didn't think their first book was quite ready to come home, but most took their books home today to share at home. Please take the time to sit down and marvel with them about their first book. Your enthusiasm will definitely carry over in their confidence to continue as future writers and creators. If books aren't in their backpack today, be on the look out Monday or Tuesday.
Have a wonderful weekend together! :)
April 6th-10th - Spring Break - no school

TK Week of February 18th-21st

This week in TK we reminded ourselves how to stop and name our feeling when we're having a strong feeling in our bodies (angry, frustrated, disappointed), and then we learned how to take belly breathes to help us calm down. Ask your cutie if they can sing you a song about it.
We've also been practicing capital A (slides are tricky) and thinking of words that start with the /a/ sound.
Next Thursday is our first Alta Sierra Family Game Night. It starts at 5:00pm. It sounds like lots of fun, and I hope I get to see everyone there!
February 17th (Thursday) @ 5:00 pm
April 6th-10th (Spring Break) - No School

TK's Week of February 10th-13th

With our 100th Day and Valentines celebrations, this was definitely a fun-filled week! Some of our highlights were our 100 Crown Parade through the teachers lounge and office, building with 100 cups (everyone's favorite of the day), putting Valentines in our friends' bags, and making pink frosting to put on our cookie along with making pink yogurt and chopping up our own strawberry to mix inside - delicious!
I hope everyone has a wonderful four day weekend (no school tomorrow or Monday) that's filled with adventure or well deserved rest! I'm taking an extra day to be with my daughter in Utah, so on Tuesday Mrs. Martinez will be with TK again. She remembers them all and is excited to see them. With all the excitement today I forgot to tell your cuties about Mrs. Martinez coming for one day. Will you please take some time to let them know and assure them I'll be back with them on Wednesday? I really appreciate it. Once again, I hope you have a wonderful break!

TK's Week of February 3rd-7th

Sorry so late! I hurried off on Friday to be with my son who's been down with the flu. Know that book, Love You Forever? It's true, they'll always be your babies.
Woohoo! Monday is Alta Sierra's 100th Day of School! Room K is ready to have lots of fun painting, stringing, dabbing, stacking, and reading about 100. We'll even be doing a little parading through the office with our fabulous 100 Things Crown! If you can, you'll also want to stop by the classroom soon to read what our TKers think about 100. It's sure to entertain!
Painted and sequined bags are all along the back counter now and ready to be filled with Valentines anytime this week. If you can, we'd love your help in the morning as your TKer is putting Valentines in his/her friends' bags. If that doesn't work for you, no problem at all. Between Mrs. Bush and myself, we will make sure your cutie has all the help he/she needs to pass out Valentines. (Don't forget we will be celebrating Valentines Day on Thursday, February 13th.)
February 14th-17th - Presidents' Day (4 day weekend)
April 6th-10th - Spring Break (no school)