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Eagles are Kind, Responsible, and Respectful




Welcome to Room 8!

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. I look forward to a great day tomorrow as we embark on a positive year of learning and growth. I will continue to add to this webpage - please be sure to subscribe so that you will be notified each time I make a post or changes to a page. I look forward to meeting you and partnering as an educational team for your child.

Golden Eagles 🦅

Please be sure to select a day by this Wednesday, 11/4. After that point, dates will be randomly assigned.
This year, each child will have the chance to be our classroom Golden Eagle. This will be his/her week to help out in the classroom, as well as share a little more about their interests, family, etc. by creating a poster to share, and that we'll display throughout the year. Please sign up for a week (the slots listed are the Mondays that start the week). All weeks available have either 4 or 5 days. You might schedule your child as our Golden Eagle for his/her birthday week, or just one when you know you'll have a little extra time in the week or two preceding to make a poster.
Have fun!

pennants on classroom wall
Pennant Request!
It's never too early to instill aspirations of higher education. I have found that when students share a pennant from the college or university attended by a parent or family member, important conversations are started in the classroom, from "I want to go to ____ for college" to "Did you see that college basketball game?" Even the latter lets us talk about the fact that UCLA is a school, and that some of the students represent that school as part of the basketball team. Please consider donating a pennant from a college or university attended by parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles... We have a good collection started on the walls of Room 8. To avoid spending money on a duplicate, feel free to check with me before you purchase - we can still have your child point out the pennant and share who went there, what they studied, what they do now, etc. Thank you!