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End of the Year Reminders from Room 8

What a great week we've been having. These last couple days will be busy, fun days of learning. We have a few reminders, in order to make things go as smoothly as possible:
  • Donation Day - you have been amazing in your generosity. Tomorrow will be our pre-Donation Day parade. What we collect at Alta Sierra will be delivered to the Donation Day headquarters after school tomorrow.
  • Pasties - thank you to those who are prepping and sending in ingredients and cooking utensils, or will be assisting our student-chefs on Friday. Remember to send in a snack with your child, and double check the recipe - if there's a question whether your child will like pasties, consider sending or ordering a lunch. SPD has once again generously donated the custom-ground beef.
  • Pasty-bakers - we could still use one more family to bring 2 sheets of pasties home to bake, then return them to school for lunch. Please sign up if you can.
  • Conklin Challenge - remember to label and send in a re-usable (and non-breakable) cup, fork, and knife. The kids can rinse them, but a plastic bag would be a good idea for the return trip home. Another Room 8 family has added to the generosity, offering to match the Conklins' donation to the Placer Nature Center.
  • Thank-You Notes - students have been creating thank you cards over the last two weeks, and have reviewed and practiced writing friendly letters. They should be fully prepared to receive gifts!

Holiday Brown Bag Campaign

Today our students learned about our school's next communal act of kindness (thank you to the family who sent in 2 cans of cranberry sauce today to start the conversation!). Please take a look at the attached document. This program was the idea of a student at our school - what kindness! I know there are many ways to give, especially at this time of year. Please consider adding a can or two to your cart the next time you are at the market. These bags will be distributed to families in Alta Sierra and Grass Valley. If your household could benefit from a bag, please let Mr. Bivens or I know.
A heads up...I still hope that our class/school will participate in the Donation Day canned food drive. Another great organization doing good in our community, with an amazing tie to Nevada County history (we'll begin our history unit on gold discovery next week).
Kids Can: 164
Cranberry: 31
Donation Day: 21
Canned Food Total: 216

Reminder: Pasty-Making Sign-Up

Hello Room 8 Families,
I hope your week is off to a great start. If you are able to help us out, we still need several essential volunteers in order to make Cornish pasties on Friday, December 21. Pasty-Making Sign-Up If you sign up to make the dough, this recipe can be made at any point and frozen in tightly-wrapped individual disks (or even sent to school early - we can keep it frozen here until we need it). We'll be using this alternate dough recipe this year, in an effort to avoid allergens. We're also still in need of at least one more parent to bake pasties at home (maybe someone who will already be here to help make the pasties?).
Thank you for all you do, and have a great week.

Updates from Room 8

Gold Discovery, Pasties, & silverware...
We began our Gold Discovery unit yesterday, and will continue to learn about our county's rich history over the next couple weeks. We'll culminate with our Pasty cooking and lunch. If you haven't yet had the chance to sign up to help out, please consider doing so (we really need those who have time to help as chefs, bakers, or both!) Here's the link again: Pasty Making
Speaking of our pasty celebration on the 21st...The Conklin family has a challenge for us...please click on the title of this post to read more and plan to help out the Placer Nature Center while we eat our lunch!
Scholastic Book Order
Today's Thursday envelope includes the "Holiday Gift Books" catalog. There are many great titles and deals, and they have guaranteed delivery before the last day of school. If you would like me to set aside books that you'll be giving as gifts, just let me know and you can pick them up. Remember, you are not limited to the titles in the paper order form - go online to explore, and even search by your child's favorites, their reading level, etc.
Canned Food
Cranberry Sauce continues to come in - a testament to the compassion of our classroom community (a term that came up in today's Second Step lesson). This drive will continue through the pancake breakfast on 12/15. Donation day canned food (any type) should be here by 12/20 - any time before then is fine. Our goal is at least one can per child.

Thanksgiving Speeches, Holiday Sign-Up

Hello Room 8 Families,
Tomorrow in class we will celebrate our writing. The kids have worked hard to compose a speech for you about the riches in their lives. They will bring their speech and a related letter home tomorrow. Please schedule a special time (it doesn't have to be at the dinner table or even on Thursday) over the long weekend to have your child share his/her writing. They have the "homework" to practice ahead of time, so don't be surprised if you see stuffed animals arranged as an audience! Please take a moment to complete the bottom portion of the form and send it back with your child on Monday - the speech is yours to keep in that box or file of special items!
We will read the speeches aloud in class tomorrow, and enjoy spiced cider to get into the holiday spirit - thank you to those who sent in the cider ingredients and loaned the crock pot. If you have not already done so, please consider signing up here to help with our next holiday celebration. Thank you for helping out, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Kids Can! Food Drive

Beginning today and running through Friday, November 16, we will be collecting canned and nonperishable food in our classroom. We'll incorporate this into our math (reporting data), and especially into an ongoing discussion of appreciating how fortunate we are in life, and the importance of helping those in need at times when we have more than enough - our classroom motto in action. Your kids will likely ask you to add canned food to the grocery list, or ask grandma or a neighbor (with your permission/supervision) if there is an extra can or two in the pantry.

I thank you ahead for your generosity in this food drive. All donations collected will be distributed in our community. Can we bring in 100 cans (4 each), 200 (8 each)?

Our Running Total: 156 Cans

Square One Art - Order by 11/9

From Mrs. Yoho:
The deadline for Square One is rapidly approaching! Don't miss the opportunity to purchase great gifts for your family with your child's art! You can choose from mugs, hot pads, tiles, water bottles, key chains, or art to hang on the wall. The funds raised through this fundraiser help support your child's school! Purchase items at using your child's code, by calling 888.332.3294, or sending your order form in with your child.  DEADLINE is November 9th! Lost your order form, e-mail to get your code. Thank you! Susie Yoho, Square One Coordinator

October Break & Halloween

Hello Families,
Enjoy the next week with your children - it sounds like you have some great activities and trips planned.
A couple school notes: Students brought home their reading journals. Though no reading/notes are required, they have the opportunity to complete 4 extra credit entries (any days - does not have to be M-Th). We commented that it might be fun to write down where they read, too, especially if it's in a tent, at Grandma's, on a plane, or on a beach!
Today's spelling test also came home in hw folders - for many it was a product of great practice this week. Hopefully you can find a spot on the refrigerator or elsewhere to celebrate. For others, it is an opportunity...if the test did not go as well as you and your child would have liked, we will test on the same words on Friday, 11/2. I encourage you to make the practice fun - make flash cards, use spelling city, spell words while jump-roping or bouncing a ball. practice them on a hike, have kids write a tough word or two on a note card and tape it where they will see it (bathroom mirror while brushing teeth). They might even write the word they find most challenging in big letters on a full-sized piece of paper and illustrate it (similar projects on the computer with clip-art might be fun) and post it on the fridge or in their room. Since we recycled our lists this morning, here they are again: sierra, harvest, chef, factors, product, Nevada, October, fall, autumn, vacation, county, country, break, brake
When we return, Halloween will be nearly upon us. Our day will begin with a school-wide parade. I'm sure we will see many of you there - be sure to take lots of pictures (and share the best with us for the yearbook). We'll continue with the theme throughout the day with a STEM "pumpkin catapult" and pumpkin math. Please consider helping us out after the parade and/or sending in some supplies that will help us out - here's the sign-up.
Alta Sierra Costume Policies
  • No weapon props
  • nothing super bloody or gory
  • Masks for use during parade only
  • Change clothes at recess.

Huevos Rancheros with Pico de Gallo - Wendy Van Wagner

Room 8 students had the opportunity to start their school week in the "kitchen." Thanks to Sierra Harvest, chef Wendy Van Wagner, and First Rain Farm, our students chopped, ground, shredded and cracked...then tasted the results of their cooperation. After recess, we wrote thank-you notes to show our appreciation. The recipe is attached to this post - click above to re-create a healthy breakfast at home.

Sierra Harvest, Love & Logic, & Science Night

Hello Room 8 Families,
It has been a pleasure meeting with you this week for parent/teacher conferences. Several of you inquired about and/or took registration forms for the upcoming Love & Logic parenting class that our school district is putting on at Alta Sierra - I think this is a great opportunity for all parents (free class, free childcare, free dinner, and a fantastic class). If you would like a form, please email me or stop by the office and pick one up.
Sierra Harvest - we are lucky enough to have a presentation and food tasting from a chef on Monday 10/15 at 9:00. If you are available, we could really use 2 or more volunteers - please let me know. A media release is coming home today from Sierra Harvest regarding this event. Please read it over and send it in only if you are comfortable doing so - your child will get to participate fully regardless.
From our fantastic parents' club:
Next Thursday is our "Green World, Healthy People" Science Night.  This is a fun, free, educational, engaging, family event.  The MPR is set-up by the UC Davis Explorit Science Center Staff with 15 stations that will engage the whole family in learning through fun, hands-on activities.  Please see the attached flyer for further details.
We are in need of volunteers to help at the stations.  Please sign-up if you're available to help.  This is also a great way to get grandparents and other family members involved. Thank you in advance for being willing to help make this a fun event for all.
Volunteer Sign-Up:
(High School students are perfect for helping with this event, if you know of or have any willing.)

Room 8 Updates

Good afternoon, families. We have a few important reminders:
  • "Thursday" Envelopes will come home tomorrow - please see enclosed Color Run information, and send back permission slip
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences - please sign up if you have not done so yet - I look forward to meeting with you
  • Mystery Readers - we have many upcoming openings (even tomorrow) - please sign up or check with aunts/uncles/grandparents to see if they'd like to surprise your child and class with a good book
  • Art Docent - Mrs. Yoho will be here at 8:40 tomorrow for our first lesson. Please consider joining us to help with the activity.
Have a great evening and weekend.

Parent Teacher Conferences

I look forward to meeting with you during the second week in October to discuss your child's strengths and how we can work as a team to help him/her utilize them to their fullest potential. If you have not yet signed up for a conference time, please do so while there are plenty of slots to choose from (bottom link in the sidebar). Have a great afternoon.

Scholastic Book Order

Hello Families,
Our first Scholastic book order went home with the kids today. Orders should be placed online (click here or access from sidebar of our classroom site) by Thursday (any time). Online ordering has some great advantages (select books beyond catalog, from any level - just search for a title, author, series, etc., it's easy for you to order, and there are not checks/forms to send in). That said, if you'd prefer to send in a paper order and check to Scholastic, please feel free to do so. Be sure to coordinate your purchases with your child's reading level (see back cover of reading journal). This month's promotion includes a free book...if you spend $25!
The current order has some great deals and choices:
  • Wayside School Pack
  • Who Was...? African American History 3-Pack
  • A to Z Mysteries and Magic Tree House - the packs are pricey, but you can search for individual titles or smaller packs
  • The BFG
  • Geronimo Stilton
  • I Survived books & packs

Thursday Envelopes on Friday

Hello Families,
I hope you're having a great week. I'd hoped to make it longer into the school year before doing this...but our Thursday envelopes (fully prepared - thank you Mrs. Gobert) will come home on Friday this week. Please ask your child for the envelope tomorrow and send it back on Monday. The only exceptions are the kids who attend after school care. So tonight's homework is simply the following:
  • reading journal
  • math page 45 #2-13 (we completed about half of these in class, so kids have had good practice & examples - each problem has 3 parts - estimate, solve, check by adding)
  • spelling practice - test 1.2 tomorrow
We've so far had perfect attendance this week - let's keep up the good work and wear our Alta Sierra blue tomorrow. Have a great afternoon & weekend.

Spelling Test 1.2

Good afternoon, families. I enjoyed meeting so many of you last night at back to school night. Because of our busy week and a short week next week, I've postponed the spelling test for List 1.2 until next Friday, September 7. Kids will keep their lists in the back window of their homework folders and we'll continue to use this list for activities at school. The word list is loaded into SpellingCity, so you may choose to have your child spend some time using available games/activities (see links on the sidebar of our site).
Have a great day and upcoming long weekend.