TK Week of November 15th-19th

We had another great TK week! We practiced our first letter with a big curve - Catina Cat's C, thought about different ways to show a number (fingers, tallies, ten frames, and objects), and spent a lot of time thinking of things we are thankful for.
We're all excited for our TK Thanksgiving celebration this coming Tuesday. A Sign-up Genius is coming to your email tonight with things we need for our cornbread muffins,we'll be mixing and baking,  butter we'll get to make ourselves, as well as popcorn and delicious pumpkin pie. We are also hoping each child can bring (Monday or Tuesday) a piece of their favorite fruit to share in our FRIENDSHIP FRUIT SALAD.
One last reminder that our food drive is ending on MONDAY. If you and your TKer would like to help donate to our local food bank, please have your cutie bring their cans (they are requesting pull-off lids) and/or other non-perishable food in on Monday, so they can put it in our TK food donation box before it gets picked up to share with those in need in our community.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
November 24th-26th - THANKSGIVING BREAK (No School)
December 20th-January *3rd - WINTER BREAK (No School)
December 4th - Back to School (Tuesday)
*January 3rd is actually an Emergency Day. If we don't use an Emergency Day from now to December 17th, then we won't have school on January 3rd. If we do, then we will return to school on Monday, January 3rd.