TK Week of 6th-10th

We've had another wonderful TK week! It was a little disappointing that rain kept us from being able to film our Holiday Cheer performance outside this week, BUT we were able to reschedule it for next week! I'm sorry that won't give Magnolia's tech crew enough time to make a DVD before our Winter Break, but it will definitely be cute to see and have as a fun keepsake when we get it in January.
So far four DVDs have been ordered. If you haven't turned in your order form yet (but would still like to) there is plenty of time next week. Just hand it to me, and I can give it to the film crew advisor when they come next week.
Santa came to see us on Thursday! Our TKers were so excited, and assured him they've been very good this year. They each had a cute conversation with Santa, and had some great ideas of things he could bring them:)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Friday, December 17th - Pajama Day
December 20th-December 31st - Winter Break (No School)
January 3rd - No school IF we don't use an emergency day for snow this week.
January 4th - Back to School (If an emergency day was used then Jan. 3rd is the first day back to school.)