TK Week of Septem 11th-15th

We've had a fabulous week in TK! We spent more time with our ZooPhonic Friends as we started to connect them to the letters of the Alphabet. At home you can have fun with your cutie as you look at the beginning letter of a word, talk about the sound it makes, and notice how the ZooPhonic Friend makes the same sound! (i.e. "Hat - Look at that beginning letter. It's an H and it makes the /h/ sound. Wow! Honey Horse makes the same sound!" - Make the sound and do the action together.)
Picture day is this coming Monday. We're scheduled a little later than usual at 11:00am. We'll try not to get too sweaty or too painted by then, but no matter what your TKer will be adorable.
Our Jog-a-Thon is next Friday (22nd). It's at 8:15am. If you can join us to help with marking tallies, spraying hot joggers, or cheering our TKers on please let me know ASAP. I also need two volunteers who can go to the MPR right after we're done to can help tally cards, put forms in envelopes, and most importantly - bring them their popsicles. :)
In our Thursday folders you saw our new peach colored TK Class Roster to replace our old blue colored roster. Hopefully it's helpful with play dates and fun things like that.
Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 18th - School Picture Day
Friday, September 22nd - Jog-a-Thon (We'll have ours right at 8:30am and we'd love your help! If you can, please let me know.)
October 2nd-6th - Parent/Teacher Conference Week
October 16th-20th - October Break (No School)