TK Week of January 16th-19th

I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend! TK had fun being back together on Tuesday.
Winter - This week we spent time talking, reading, and learning about Winter. Each TKer also created some beautiful winter forest art that is being displayed in the office. Be sure to stop in and see them!
Letter J (Jelly Jellyfish) - This rainy weekend would be the perfect time to go on a /j/ hunt around the house and maybe making some pudding, salt, Playdoh, or even apple sauce J's.
Social Emotional - Last week we talked about how being worried is an uncomfortable feeling, and that talking to Mommy, Daddy, or a teacher can really help that uncomfortable feeling go away.
This week we talked about the feeling of being frustrated and the first step to helping your body calm down. The sheet that went home yesterday gives you some great information and some good ideas for discussion with your cutie.
Mrs. Kelley is Gone Two Days Next Week - On Monday I'll be involved with a training at the district office all day and on Friday I have some oral surgery. I'll be with everyone those in-between days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and I'll be back the following Monday for sure.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and that everyone stays warm and dry!
February 16th-19th - Presidents Four Day Weekend (No School)
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (No School)
April 1st - IF an emergency day isn't used by then (snow/ice or power outage)
then there will be no school this day.