TK Week of January 22nd-26th

TK's Friday Edlio is coming to you tonight, because I wanted to remind you all that I will be out tomorrow, because of some oral surgery, but I'll be back Monday. Mrs. Sherman and Mrs. Percy are a great team, and I'm so glad they'll be there for our TKers.
Friday Assembly - Tomorrow TK gets to join the rest of the school for a fun and educational assembly about recycling and taking care of our earth. Be sure to ask your cutie to teach you all that s/he learned.
Thursday Folders - Oops! I can't believe I forgot to send home Thursday Folders today, so "Friday" Folders will be coming home tomorrow.
DeeDee Deer's D - D was our letter of the week. See how many /d/ words your whole family can come up with, and have your TKer show you some of his/her best D's.
100's Day - Woohoo! We started working on our special 100 Days of school crown, so it's ready for our 100 days of school coming up this Wednesday. So far we've painted, initialed, stickered, printed, glitter glued, and dipped our way toward 100 - we're almost there! (No need to worry about any special collection on 100's Day. That will be saved for kindergarten. We'll be busy with lots of other fun activities that day. :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend together, and I look forward to Monday!
December 16th-19th - Presidents Day 4 Day Weekend
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (No School)
April 1st - IF we haven't used an emergency day (snow or power outage) by March 22nd then there will be no school.