TK Week of January 29th-February 2nd

We had another great week in TK! 
Thinking about and preparing for our hundredth day of TK was our focus of the week. On the special day we read about 100, built with 100, exercised to 100, beaded (or really Fruit Looped) to 100, and finished our day by showing off our special crowns filled 100 things in our TK parade to the big fourth and fifth grade students.
Please try to come to the classroom to see a picture of our cuties in their100th Day Crowns and read some of their thoughts about 100 - adorable!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend together!
February 16th-19th - Presidents four day weekend
March 25th-29th - Spring Break
April 1st - IF we haven't used an emergency no-school day (because of snow or power outage) then we won't have school this day.