TK Week of February 12th-15th

Valentines Day and learning what Presidents' Weekend is all about were the highlights of the week in TK.
Valentines Day - This special day was filled with Valentine math (thinking about more than), Valentine bingo (a little visual discrimination) , conversation hearts graphing, creating beautiful pipe cleaner and bead bracelets, frosting and sprinkling fabulous sugar cookies, and enjoying some delicious fruit kabobs and heart-shaped cheese and crackers. (Thank you SO much for all of the donated items!)
Presidents Weekend - Hopefully you saw your TKer looking extra cute in his/her George Washington hat. Ask your cutie what she/he knows about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I can't wait to hear what they say. :)
Letter of the Week - We thought of the letter R this week. It's a tricky letter, because it's the first letter we've practiced with a slide ("Hello Smile, Big Line Down, Ribbit, Little Curve and Slide"). Have your TKer show you their best R's and hopefully together you can think of lots of words that start with the /r/ sound.
I hope you all enjoy your four day weekend together!
February 16th-19th - Presidents' 4-Day Weekend (no school)
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (no school)
April 1st - Back to School (Emergency Day was used)
May 27th - Memorial Day (no school)
May 28th - No School (IF second emergency day is not used)