TK Week of February 20th-23rd

Hello Parents,
Friday Substitute - I'm sending out TK's weekly Edlio a day early, because I won't be at school tomorrow. BUT, the great news is Mrs. Sherman will be our substitute tomorrow! Our TKers have missed her this week, and it will seem like a happy reunion for them all.
Math - We have been getting extra practice with tracking as we count. Our reminder is, "one count, one touch" when counting things in front of us and "one jump, one count" when counting our moves in a game. Playing together with a game board activity would be great practice and lots of fun.
Letter K - We began the "kick-in" diagonal with letter K this week. For a four and five year-old that is a tricky direction, so extra practice and praise at home would be great. Here is how we make K: "Hello Smile, Big Line Down, Ribbit to the Other Side, Kick-in, Slide-out."
I hope you have a wonderful weekend together, and I can't wait to see everyone on Monday.
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (no school)
April 1st - Back to School (Emergency Day was used)
April 19th - Professional Development Day (no school)
May 27th - Memorial Day (no school)
May 28th - 2nd Emergency Day (no school IF we don't need to use this day for snow or no power)