TK Week of March 4th-8th

Thank you, Dr. Suess, for helping us have such a fun week!
Dr. Suess - Besides each day bringing a fun thing to wear, we filled our week with reading, painting, cutting, glittering, rhyming, and even eating things in honor of Dr. Suess' birthday. Can you guess what we might have eaten? Green eggs, of course! Most agreed that green eggs are somehow extra delicious!
Garden Time - Yay! We got to go to the garden this week. Blue skies and digging in the dirt with hand shovels made for a wonderful time.
Harvest of the Month - Our TKers got to try Sunflower Greens, and majority vote was, "They're delicious!"
Letter of the Week - We focused on the letter M this week ("Hello Smile, Big Line Down, Ribbit, Slide Down to Middle, Slide Up to Corner, Down"). Practicing some M's at home and going on a /m/ sound hunt would be great practice and always fun when doing it with Mom or Dad.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend
PS - I'm looking at Noah's birthday party Invitation that everyone was invited too, and I wanted to remind you it's tomorrow (Saturday - 3/9) at Gold Country Gymnastics from 11:30-1:30pm. I can't wait to hear about it on Monday! :)
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (no school)
April 1st - Back to School (Emergency Day was used)
April 19th - Professional Development Day (no school)
May 27th - Memorial Day (no school)
May 28th - 2nd Emergency Day (no school IF we don't need to use this day for snow or no power)