TK Week of March 11th-15th

Hello Parents,
With Leprechaun fun happening this coming Monday (and me not being able to be at school) I got caught up in getting everything ready and missed the time deadline for a Friday night Edlio. I hope you've had a nice Saturday together!
Here's a few quick highlights of our last week:
Letter N - We've had extra practice with the letter N this week (Hello Smile, Big Line Down, Ribbit, Slide Down, Up). With nice weather, it might be fun to make some big chalk N's on the driveway or front walkway.
Patterns - We got tricky this week with ABC, ABCD, ABB, and AAB patterns. Grab some beans and Pasta, and have your cutie show you some amazing patterns.
Rainbow Skittle Science - In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, on Friday we had fun singing, reading, observing, and doing a science experiment on rainbows! After making a rainbow of Skittles on a white plate, just before adding our hot water we made some predictions of what was going to happen. There were lots of surprised TKers! Be sure to ask your TK questions about what he/she saw.
Sign-up Genius - A sign-up genius came to your email last night in preparation for some Easter fun this coming Thursday (because we have group-time that day). If you can help with some of our needed supplies, thank you so much!
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (no school)
April 1st - Back to School (Emergency Day was used)
April 19th - Professional Development Day (no school)
May 27th - Memorial Day (no school)
May 28th - 2nd Emergency Day (no school IF we don't need to use this day for snow or no power)