TK Week of March 18th-22nd

Wow! Two holiday celebrations in one week! Our TK classroom was definitely an action packed place to be.
St. Patrick's Day Fun - Our TKers were so surprised to arrive in the classroom and find out that the Leprechauns had come to play with their green and gold TK toys! The Leprechauns said thank you with a golden chocolate and some magical powder that suddenly turned green when we added milk! The day was also filled with some Lucky Charm graphing and Shamrock Roll and Cover math. All of this was fun, but I think the biggest smiles came when TKers went outside with their rainbow finders to see if any Leprechauns left their pots of gold!
Our TK Easter Bunny Day - Thank you to all of you who helped with hard boiled eggs, filled plastic Easter Eggs, Easter egg dye, and darling yellow mini-cupcakes! You helped make this another very special day! Some responsible fifth-graders also helped out by being our Easter bunnies, and hid over 200 eggs for our TKers to find!
Remember that next week is Spring Break. I can't wait to see your TKer on Monday, April 1st.
March 25th-29th - Spring Break (no school)
April 1st - Back to School (Emergency Day was used)
April 19th - Professional Development Day (no school)
May 16th - Yay! Open House
May 27th - Memorial Day (no school)
May 28th - 2nd Emergency Day (no school IF we don't need to use this day for snow or no power)